London’s Number One for Business Removals and Storage

Posted on March 8, 2018 by Safe Removals

For any business owner in London, it’s critical to use reliable partners and sub-contractors. Getting the job done on time can often mean working with external sole traders and companies. That can often be precarious when deadlines are tight. You must have faith that you can rely on the various parts that result in a satisfactory result.

Everything in London is on a larger scale, which is especially true for every business sector. Competition is fierce, and new companies enter the market every week. One wrong move might have outcomes that have a ripple effect. That’s why hundreds of businesses in London know they can depend on Safe Removals for their removals and storage requirements.

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Make More Space at Home with Storage in London

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Safe Removals
commercial storage

We could all do with some more space at home, especially for people who live in London. There is no getting away from it, London is expensive, and rent and mortgage prices are sky-high. If you want more space, it won’t be cheap. Extra rooms and storage space come at a premium which is why Londoners are adept at making the most out of what they have.

One of the savvy ways to create more space at home is to use storage. It’s the most efficient way to organise your possessions, and it’s a lot cheaper than upsizing to another apartment or house. By renting a self storage unit from Safe Removals, your belongings will be safe and secure, and your home will feel twice as big.

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Proud Members of the Master Removers Group

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Safe Removals

If you’re looking to hire a removals company in London, certain things are vital. One of those is ensuring that any company you use during your move is reliable and has a solid reputation. There are lots of companies that operate in the capital that make claims of both, but many of them fall well short of the mark.

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Specialist Safe Moving in London

Posted on January 19, 2018 by Safe Removals

If you have a safe for your company or at home which needs to be moved, it’s essential to use the right company. Always go with a removals provider that specialises in safe moving. Although a lot of companies will claim to be able to move any object, often, this isn’t true. The only thing that is likely to happen is damage to the safe or the surfaces around it.

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How Storage Can Help Your Business in London

Posted on January 1, 2018 by Safe Removals
commercial storage

London is one of the best places for any SME or start-up company. The capital connects to every business in the UK and throughout the world. Not only do a lot of top corporations’ call London home, but the city is also a hub of activity for SMEs and independent companies.

If you’re a business owner in London, you’ll know how important it is to keep your overheads as low as possible. At Safe Removals, we’re always looking for ways we can help businesses in London save money. That’s why we’ve put together some handy tips on how storage can help save your company money.

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Full Office Relocation with Safe Removals

Posted on December 13, 2017 by Safe Removals
Full Office Relocation with Safe Removals

When your company needs to move to a new office or premises, it’s important to make sure you book with the right company. It’s rarely just about moving some desks and a few filing cabinets. It can often mean a full IT migration and employee relocation, meaning your office move needs to be done professionally.

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Escape The Estate Agents, escape the fees

Posted on January 25, 2016 by admin

Sell & Rent House Fast


Escape the Agent is an easy-to-use online property listing platform providing customised listing solutions for people seeking to sell & rent house fast. As a top online property listing destination, we are strategically positioned to give your properties the visibility required to attract the attention of the targeted audience. We have a team of professionals who are well versed in marketing and property management which means your listings are in safe hands.
The traditional property marketing approach characterized by middlemen and estate agents has been a source of frustration for many property owners leaving most of them wondering – how do I sell my house in London without incurring exorbitant agency fees or going through a painstaking listing process? We have good news! Our property listing solutions are affordable and they give you maximum exposure possible.
If you have a house for rent in London or the South East or any of the cities we operate in, we offer you a premium listing for as low as £59, which will guarantee you a 90-day listing complete with visitor counter and slots for uploading up to 20 images. For an extended listing of your property up to 999 days, we offer an affordable package costing £99 which ensures your rental property features on top of the county page in addition to visitor counter and a slot to upload up to 20 images.

little man SOLD-1
Escape The Agent: 07786 880264

House for Sale
Irrespective of whether the peak home buying season is over, you can sell & rent house fast by listing your property with us in any of the cities we operate in including London and the South East. We offer some of the most affordable and value adding house for sale packages with the lowest priced at £79 which gives you 90-day listing, a visitor counter solution and an opportunity to upload up to 20 images. If you want an extended solution where your property is listed for a period of 999 days and featured on top of the county page, we will charge you just £129. If you have been asking yourself how do I sell my house in South London or North London without incurring exorbitant fees? These packages are for you.
Currently, we have over 200 properties listed on our site from detached and semi-detached houses in London to hotels, flats, and townhouses in Westminster and Tottenham. Our listing process is pretty simple because all you need is to choose a package, create an advert, and we shall undertake to advertise your property.
Our hands-off approach to property management ensures that you take charge of your advertisement though we give you the resources and recommendations for services to help you gain the most out of your listing whether it’s for a property for rent in Dartford or a townhouse for sale in Notting Hill. Get in touch with us today for a cost-effective solution to renting or selling your property.

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Moving house in London this summer? Call London Removals Specialists 02088883917

Posted on August 13, 2015 by admin

Our top tips for making your summer move in London as painless and economical as possible…
It’s not surprising that summer is the peak time of year for moving house in London. Fine weather, longer daylight hours, school holidays and office shut-downs all play a part in its popularity, as well as families relocating around the city to be closer to their children’s schools. Here at Safe Removals, to keep up with demand we’re currently running 10 trucks, seven days a week, operated by a 30-person crew. To add to the summer surge, demand for our services has grown even bigger due to referrals from estate agents and personal recommendations from our many happy clients.
So if you’re planning on moving house this summer, here are our top tips for making your move as painless and as stress-free as possible.
1. Ask for quotes from removal companies in London
Contact a number of London removal companies and ask for a quote as the earliest opportunity. At this stage you don’t need to know your moving date, but having this important step taken care of before you exchange contracts can save you vital time when you come to move.
2. Clear the clutter
Before asking for quotes from removal companies, have a thorough clear out and sort through the house. Some removal firms might give you a quote to help dispose of some items, however that might not be the most cost effective solution as there are specialists who do only clearance. (It’s amazing how much unnecessary and unwanted stuff we acquire over the years– often without even noticing it.) Keeping the amount of items that require moving to a minimum not only means that you will be quoted a lower price for the move, but it also makes packing and unpacking a whole lot quicker and easier.
3. Avoid weekends
If possible, avoid moving at the weekend (including Fridays). As you’d expect, this is by far the most popular time to move house in London throughout the summer months. But with a little forward planning it’s possible to schedule your move earlier in the week – which can also save you money, as london removal companies are more likely to offer you added value at this time. Bear in mind also that the weekend is an equally busy time for solicitors and estate agents, and financial transactions between banks can also take longer. If you must book your move at the weekend, to avoid disappointment, make sure you book your removal as early as possible.
4. Hire a reputable removal company like Safe Removals 🙂
Make sure the removal company you hire is accredited and works to an approved code of practice. Check they are fully insured and that terms and conditions cover pre-payment protection, in the event that you have to cancel or delay your move. At Safe Removals we pride ourselves on delivering a dependable, friendly, top quality removal service in London at unbeatable prices. As well as providing transport, we offer packing and unpacking, crate hire, secure storage and dismantling and reassembling services.

Please call us to arrange a free no obligation survey today on 0208 888 3917

Best wishes

Safe Removals team.

Safe Removals in North London Depot
Safe Removals in North London Depot

How big is a removal truck?

Posted on July 20, 2015 by admin

When moving in London, using two smaller vehicles can often be easier than hiring a large lorry…
Selecting the right size of vehicle for your house or office removal in London is not as straightforward as it may seem. Clearly you’ll want to use a vehicle that will comfortably hold all your belongings, but at the same time you don’t want to spend money hiring a vehicle that is too large for your needs.
So which vehicle should you choose? Essentially, there are two main vehicle types used by removal companies in London: the Luton van 3.5 ton and the 7.5 ton lorry.
For house and office removals in London, a Luton van is very often the best choice of vehicle, being easier to park and operate than a larger lorry – especially where space and manoeuvrability are a consideration. For these reasons, in many circumstances, using two 3.5 tonners for your move can be more practical than using one 7.5 ton lorry, as cost and load volumes are pretty much identical (the capacity of a Luton van is approximately 600 cubic feet; whereas a 7.5-ton lorry is 1,200 cubic feet). Alternatively, for long distance removals, using a single larger lorry is often more suitable and cost-effective.
At Safe Removals we help you decide on the right choice of vehicle when you book your move. And, as always, our aim is to save you both time and money and make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Luton Van

How easy it is to move in London with Safe Removals: Explained

Posted on June 25, 2015 by admin

Why Safe Removals is London’s removal company of choice – the clue is in the name…

Paul’s about to move…
He has everything sorted apart from one thing – he can’t seem to find a reliable London removal company. That is until he finds Safe Removals. A simple phone call later and here’s what happened…

Paul told us the move date and we sent over our surveyor to meet him…
Our surveyor assessed the move and decided on how many people and what equipment it required to ensure everything would happen smoothly and efficiently….

He told Paul the cost and what time we’d be there – we know London inside out and make sure we plan ahead so we always arrive on time…

We arrived at Paul’s address and packed everything carefully – what’s important to Paul is important to us, which is why we brought an assortment of packaging materials and special furniture covers and blankets, so we could securely pack each item with the care it deserved…

We transported everything to Paul’s new home in London, and reversed the process – carefully unpacking and positioning his valued belongings with special care and attention, and clearing up after ourselves when we’ve finished…

Move completed! Paul is settled into his new home – quickly, smoothly, cost-effectively and with a minimum of disruption to his busy life. We can do the same for you!

There’s a reason why London has chosen Safe Removals as its removal company of choice. It’s in the name. At Safe Removals we strive to offer you the help you deserve – from the beginning of your move right up to the end. We’re fast, reliable, personal and competitively priced. We go above and beyond what is expected. We’re the best option for local and UK-wide removals – bar none.

So give the best moving company in London: Safe Removals a call today on 020 8888 3917 or email now and speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team. It could be the easiest move you ever made.