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A full Service During Lockdown for Business Removals and Storage in London

Posted on November 23, 2020 by Safe Removals
A full Service During Lockdown for Business Removals and Storage in London

More uncertainty is something businesses in London can do without, but this is the reality everyone faces during this pandemic. This is especially true if you’re a business owner who’s planning a full office or workplace relocation. Are many removal companies operating during the lockdown?

Fortunately, London’s business community can relax in the knowledge that Safe Removals is still accepting jobs. This applies to pre-existing jobs, as well as emergencies. For us, nothing changes, and our range of business services are open to everyone who needs them.

Safe Removals and Our Operational Capacity During Lockdown –

Just to confirm this for everyone – nothing is different for us. We’re still working with companies from all over Greater London every day. This includes people and businesses from the neighbouring counties, as well as nationally. There’s no reduction in service – all our removals vehicles are on the road daily.

Understandably, we are receiving a lot of inquiries from people who have concerns about a relocation for their business. Some people are worried about us cancelling their move; others are checking to see if we’re shutting down for the lockdown. The good news is, it’s business as usual, and this won’t be affected by the possibility of an extension.

Like the previous set of restrictions in April, businesses may need emergency relocations or related services. Whether you need to downsize or move your entire business, we can do it. Not only that, but everything will also be done with health and safety as a top priority. You’ll understand why we’re London’s business and commercial removals experts.

Some Things to Consider About Your Current Workplace –

There’s no need to sugar-coat the situation – the lockdown is going to be tough for London’s businesses. For a lot of small business owners, the likelihood is bills are stacking up, and profits are decreasing. Rent is one of the main culprits, especially in some of London’s more expensive postcodes. Now is the time to start asking some serious questions about your outgoings.

It might seem a bit odd to suggest re-evaluating your company’s running costs during a pandemic. However, this might be a quieter period for many businesses. Downsizing to a more modest rental property could save you hundreds per month. The thing you’ll need to check is when your lease period ends to see if this is a viable option. It might also be worth discussing your situation with the letting agent or landlord to see if they will consider a payment holiday.

Safe Removals is on-hand to deploy our removal’s team straight away for emergencies. We’ll go through your information to see what removal package fits your needs. You’ll receive a free quotation to consider, which is handy if you’re still considering all your options.

How Start-Ups Use Self Storage for Alternative Offices –

Lots of entrepreneurs and start-ups use self storage as alternative offices, studios, and storerooms. While this might raise an eyebrow on initial consideration, you only need a few key aspects. If you’re primarily doing office work, a desk, a chair and a computer are your essential items. For an e-commerce company, you need space for your goods and some shelving. This is all possible by using a Safe Removals storage unit.

Some small businesses have more than one function, which might entail admin work and storing goods or equipment. The easiest thing to do is mark off sections of your storage unit with tape. Then, one side can be your office, and the other can be for your stock. Another option is to rent more than one unit and have a separate office & storeroom. Either way, it’s much cheaper than commercial rental costs.

This might sound the world away from the original vision for your company. The thing to remember here is affordability and longevity. No one’s saying you should do this forever – think of it as a temporary measure. One benefit of using storage like this is you’re not subject to a lease. Once things turn around, you can look for another rental property. For now, it’s all about saving money and keeping your company going.

Removals for Small Businesses and Large Corporations –

The Safe Removals team know how to scale our services to suit any company, regardless of size or number of employees. We offer SMEs affordable removals and storage where we can take over all your distribution needs. This entails our man & van and self storage combination service, which streamlines everything. Our team will then oversee your stock control, collections, and deliveries within twenty-four hours.

For large corporations, we have a proven track record of undertaking complete office relocations. This is everything from one hundred to over one thousand employees in a single job. We will assess and create a strategy which includes handling your IT migration and the installation of other equipment. A personal move manager will oversee the entire move, as well as an aftercare service to check everything’s running smoothly after your relocation.

This isn’t an office-specific set of packages – we work with every business industry you can think of. Whether it’s a full site clearance after the construction of a shopping centre or the grand opening of a new supermarket, we have you covered. Our range of services includes specialist packages you won’t find anywhere else in London.

Specialist Safe Removal and Installation Services –

If your company has a safe or strongbox, it’s vital that you work with specialists. Due to their weight and size, it’s something you have to hire a professional removals company to undertake. Not only could you cause damage to your property, but you might also injure yourself or someone else. It’s easy to lose control of a safe when moving it, even if you have the right equipment.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing a safe to protect your valuables, it makes sense to get a professional to move it. The Safe Removals team have specific equipment and training to uninstall and type of safe or similar item. This becomes especially important to ensure that the area you’re removing the safe from doesn’t sustain damage in the process. Additionally, it safeguards anyone who’s on-site.

The Safe Removals team can move any safe and heavy object, such as safety doors and fire-proof cabinets up to two-tonnes in weight. Without the correct tools, you won’t be able to complete the job, and this applies to removals companies as well. If for whatever reason you’re unsure if a company has the right equipment or experience, don’t book with them. Safe Removals is London’s specialists in safe removals, and we guarantee to remove, transport, and install your safe at your new location.

Additional Protection with Crate Hire –

At Safe Removals, every service we offer aims to provide the best possible removals and storage result. And when it comes to a successful relocation, it should always aim to keep your company’s equipment in perfect condition. We don’t think there’s a logical reason why a certain amount of damage is acceptable. With the correct planning and choice of removals package, we will minimise any issues.

Some objects require an additional level of protection during transit. And what sets business and commercial removals apart from most household relocations is the additional value and/or bulk of each load. For example, we might be handling medical equipment when relocating a hospital ward. That’s why we created our dedicated Crate Hire service.

Here is an outline of what this entails:

  • Crates of every shape and size for any purpose and in any number
  • Crates delivered before the move (if required)
  • Crate collection service
  • Bespoke crates created for special items
  • Packing service available on request
  • Secure short- or long-term commercial storage available for all items

We have containers of all shapes and sizes, made from the sturdiest, impact-tested materials. Moreover, all Safe Removal teams have the right equipment to secure our crates during transportation. This includes wheeled carriers, blankets, rope ties and boxes. You can be confident that your goods, materials, and equipment will be safe and secure when we’re moving everything to your new workplace.

Safe Removals – London’s Business and Commercial Removals Experts –

Safe Removals is known as the best business removals and storage company in London. People understand that we bring a higher pedigree and range of specialist expertise to everything we do. No other removals company can offer the same selection of business relocation and storage options. Moreover, we prioritise customer service as our primary focus on every job we undertake.

Everyone at Safe Removals is a firm supporter of London’s business community. We all know from experience that every job requires a different approach. That’s why our range of services cater to as many industries as possible. We do this by keeping standards high and prices at an affordable level. And we’ll be here to accept any business and commercial removal or storage service request during the lockdown.

If you need a business service during the lockdown, please contact us today. We’ll assess your requirements and can send out our removal’s team straight away if you have an emergency.