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Schemes for helping first-time buyers in London 

Posted on June 14, 2022 by Safe Removals
Flat Removals London

Generation Rent 

Generation Rent refers to the millennials (18 – 40-year-olds) who have been priced out of the housing market, and face difficulties making it onto the property ladder for various reasons.  Here are several contributing factors to the problems faced in the UK for Generation Rent. 

  • High living costs, student loan repayments, and low wage growth inhibit their ability to move out of this situation.
  • Rising house prices, where house prices have risen faster than inflation in the last decades
  • Due to a housing shortage, rental prices are also climbing. For workers in London, renters can pay up to 50% of their income in rent.

The major issue in London and the UK is that demand outweighs supply, there is simply not enough housing.  However, there are few government schemes worth knowing about which may help that first rung of the property ladder become a reality for some.   

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Tips on Becoming an Entrepreneur in London

Posted on September 17, 2019 by Safe Removals
Using Removals and Storage to Cut Costs in London

London is at the centre of the UK’s business community, driving innovation and hosting some of the best minds and new trends. All business roads lead to the capital, and the same goes with much of the UK’s financial clout and economic focus. This is truly the place for any would-be entrepreneurs to locate themselves if they want to start a successful enterprise.

It might be a pipedream at the moment as you stare out of your office window, but we all start somewhere. An entrepreneur often sounds like a maverick type of career. Although this might be a reductive way to view this. Regardless of what business sector you fit in, everyone would benefit from working with Safe Removals in London.

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