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Co-sharing Office Space and Storage Units for Businesses in London

Posted on April 29, 2019 by Safe Removals
Co-sharing Office Space and Storage Units for Businesses in London

A message to all new companies & start-ups – cost-saving could be the key to a successful 2019 for your new enterprise. Operating costs and outgoings for your first year of trading should be minimal and a needs-only basis. That means no expensive car leases and a concerted effort to keep rental costs for your office as low as possible. Fortunately, there are some innovative ways for new ventures to reduce costs while laying some solid foundations in the business world.

When it comes to outgoings, there is the potential to spread your expenses by inviting another person or enterprise to share your workspace. It might not sound ideal but sharing office space or rental property has lots of advantages, not just to reduce your monthly rental costs. If the relationship with your co-habitants works then you can also look at other ways where sharing can create savings, such as renting a storage unit and sharing the space. Safe Removals has a reputation of being London’s business-friendly option for removals and storage, and we could be a valuable company to work with.

Tips for Affordable Start-up Office Space in London –

Before you sign up for a commercial property, you need to do some research and scour the rental market in your area. And essentially, you need to list all your company’s exact requirements for a building. This could be anything from additional storage space for materials or products. It’s a wise choice to enlist the help of an estate agent or agents who specialise in commercial rental properties.

It’s also worth making some soft inquiries with your current contact list to see if they know of any available spaces or properties. While you’re searching for somewhere to base yourself, you should create a solid business plan and stick to your budget from the outset. You can set-up a home office or use a co-working space to do any admin and preparation work. As long as it’s somewhere quiet where you can concentrate.

A lot of entrepreneurs and start-ups use self storage units as a temporary starter office or workspace to keep costs to a minimum. Similarly, all you really need is a desk, an office chair, a laptop, printer and some bits of stationery and you’re set. Additionally, you also have space for any equipment or products in your self storage unit.

Benefits of Shared Office Space and Storage –

By sharing the rental costs and other utility bills and expenses, you’ll be on course to maintain a manageable budget. And let’s keep our focus here. This arrangement doesn’t have to be forever, and you can both benefit and grow your enterprises for the first year. If things don’t work out, it’s possible to part ways after the lease runs out or earlier if you manage to get another person to take their place.

Reducing your overall outgoings will set the tone for your first year and is an excellent habit to start and keep up. Any money you save then becomes free to invest in equipment or materials, depending on your business sector. Alternatively, you can utilise your cash flow for online marketing and social media ads. Furthermore, you might even be able to share contacts and associates if you get along.

Renting a storage unit is also an excellent option for safeguarding any equipment and keeping stock safe and secure. Safe Removals has commercial and business storage options to suit every type of operation. And just like sharing your office or workspace, it’s possible to do the same with a self storage unit. You spread the costs between two or more enterprises, and all enjoy affordable storage.

Safe Removals – London’s Favourite Business Removals and Storage Company –

Safe Removals has a track record of providing the best business removals and storage in London. As a matter of fact, we’re known as the business and commercial specialists. No other removals company can offer the same range of business relocation and storage options. Moreover, we prioritise customer service as our primary focus on every job we undertake.

Everyone at Safe Removals is a firm supporter of new business in London. And we all know from experience how tricky it can be. That’s why our range of services are designed to assist any company in becoming a success. We do this by keeping standards high and prices at an affordable level. We’re also more than willing to pass on any viable information that might help your business.

If you’d like to discuss our range of business packages and services, contact us today. We are confident that we can help you and a partner enterprise make 2019 a successful year.