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Full Office Relocation with Safe Removals

Posted on February 1, 2022 by Safe Removals
Full Office Relocation with Safe Removals

When your company needs to move to a new office or premises, it’s important to make sure you book with the right company. It’s rarely just about moving some desks and a few filing cabinets. It can often mean a complete IT migration and employee relocation, meaning your office move needs to be done professionally. None of this is a problem if you know what you’re doing – what about newer business owners?

If you work with Safe Removals, you have nothing to worry about. We’ll guide your business through every stage of the process, from planning to the relocation day. We’re London’s most reliable company for office removals, and we guarantee to move your business without any stress. We’ll go through how to initiate a business removals job to give you some examples and a starting point.

Safe Removals – London’s Favourite for Office Removals –

If you’re nearing the end of your commercial lease and you’ve found the ideal new office, then it’s time to plan for your move. At Safe Removals, we move hundreds of people into new workspaces every year, and we specialise in office removals in London. We offer comprehensive office and business relocation packages to make your big move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

From the first time you contact us, we’ll go into every detail to make sure you get the right service. You may want to move your office furniture without thinking about your business’s IT requirements. At Safe Removals, we offer a full IT migration and safe relocation, crate hire, office clearance, and commercial storage services.

It’s our priority to ensure that your company moves across to your new premises without a hitch. Our team will arrive at your current location early, and we always complete the job on time. The Safe Removals team don’t cut corners, and we don’t leave anything to chance. We keep tabs on traffic reports and make ourselves aware of any roadworks that might cause delays.

Full Office Relocations with IT Migration – 

Safe Removals is London’s office removals experts, and we relocate hundreds of businesses every year. We can perform office relocations of any size, regardless of whether it’s an individual office or a multi-national corporate company with hundreds or thousands of employees. Our team will assess your needs thoroughly before your moving day and create a comprehensive plan of action.

We will dismantle all your furniture and disassemble all the fixtures and fittings from your old office on a Friday. We’ll transport everything to your new location to assemble all your furniture over the weekend. And by Monday morning, you’ll be ready to power up and start work straight away. This is just one example that aims to reduce downtime. We will always strive to have you operational straight away and can work at night-time for urgent jobs.

Our team employ experts in full office relocations, including complete IT migration. We will carefully pack all your IT and communications equipment and reinstall everything in your new office. The Safe Technical Team will then install your IT infrastructure in time to rest your systems before going back online. This includes all your sensitive electronics and any other niche equipment.

Safe Removals can manage and oversee the entire office relocation in detail. Or, if you would prefer to take a lead role, we are happy to turn up and relocate on the day. No matter what service you choose, the Safe Removals team will be with you every step of the way. Our number one aim is to reduce any downtime as much as possible.

Move Manager and Holistic Strategy –

If you’re scouting for prospective removals providers, there’s a question you ask: do they offer move managers to oversee the move? And equally important, how do they plan and execute the relocation? At Safe Removals, we can state a firm yes – we have options to have management and professional oversight to assist you throughout the process.

For us, it’s necessary to put a significant amount of time and effort during the preparation stages. We always create a thorough strategy for every office or commercial relocation. This goes into consummate detail for each aspect of the move. There are no cutting corners or glancing over any action point – we sweat the small stuff because it matters.

We will liaise with you to agree on furniture arrangements in your new office or workplace. It’s possible to mirror your current office, or we’ll suggest another configuration. From our decades’ worth of experience, we know how to design workspaces to aid operations and meet health and safety standards.

Commercial Storage to Stagger the Relocation –

We have a saying at Safe Removals – one size doesn’t fit all. We never skip any crucial details by applying this attitude because we know that no two moves are the same. That doesn’t mean we ignore similarities for the sake of it, and many industries share the same IT and specialist equipment. We adopt this mindset to ensure we provide the highest standard of business removals.

For some companies, it’s not possible to turn a switch and down tools completely. Businesses that run production lines will usually have to keep their machines running to fulfil orders. This isn’t the only example, but it helps to illustrate that we can’t pack up and take action on the final day every time. We will include specific points to consider and map out for your individual strategy.

We might suggest staggering the relocation over more than one day in this instance. Potentially, it might be beneficial to do so over more than one week. And if you’re able to utilise remote working, we’ll suggest hybrid office hours. Then we can use our business storage service to move segments of your office out in stages.

Our Household Range of Services –

Safe Removals offers everything you’ll need for an office or business relocation without the need to use more than one company. We also have a house removals service covering London and beyond. Although we’re renowned for office and commercial removals, we also cater to domestic customers for all types of relocations.

Our team undertake regular trips to relocate people to cities, towns, and villages all over Europe. While we don’t perform removals bookings outside the EU, we’ll gladly assist with the documentation and arrange to ship for international moves. We can provide you with a full packing service to give you more time to deal with the other essential tasks for your overseas relocation. And should you need it, we’ll provide a Crate Hire service to protect your valuables while in transit.

Safe Removals has an online quotation request form to help assess your relocation and also to give you a price. There are no added costs or hidden fees – your final quote is what you’ll pay. We can send an assessor to your location for more complicated jobs to evaluate before providing quotations. No matter what your removals needs are – Safe Removals has the right package and service for you.

Lead with Quality and Affordability –

There’s one thing that most removals companies avoid talking about, but it’s something all businesses should understand. Moving to a new office isn’t easy and comes at a high cost. On the face of it, there’s every reason to consider going with an incredibly (almost too good to be true) cheap moving company. After all, you’re likely paying an arm and a leg for other services.

You might encounter two problems by booking a mover offering big discounts. The first consideration concerns the quality of the work they provide. Bargain-basement removals jobs always mean cutting corners to remain profitable. The second issues relate to cost and the last point. If there’s a delay due to poor service, you might have unnecessary downtime. This invariably costs you money if you can restart operations straight away.

All you need to do is weigh up the removals costs and customer service to avoid this problem. It’s always a good idea to get a few quotes from several moving companies. Then you go online to see what their reviews and ratings tell you. You can tell a lot by checking Google and Trustpilot to see their overall scores out of five. They also have written testimonials from previous customers, stating the service they received. Balance this information with the quotes before deciding.

Safe Removals – You’re in Safe Hands with Us –

At Safe Removals, our focus is customer service. If we receive an urgent job to relocate a client from one part of London to Surrey, we will do everything we can to accommodate them. The size of the removals job is also no problem. No matter how big or small the job, we always put the same effort and commitment into every job. We’re also happy to discuss any of our services, even if you’re just planning a possible move for the future.

The Safe Removals team provides a service that we would like to receive if we need to relocate. When we create our removals and storage packages and deals, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. That means you’ll be able to contact us throughout your relocation, even if it’s for tips on how to prepare for the big move.

If you have any questions about office removals or any of our services, click here, and we can arrange a call-back to discuss your requirements.