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London’s Business-Minded Removals and Self Storage Company

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Safe Removals
London’s Business-Minded Removals and Self Storage Company

For any company that’s relocating or needs a related service like storage, it’s vital to use a professional company with a positive reputation. There are plenty of removals companies to choose from in London, but not all have the services you need for your business. The removals and storage company that has the best holistic business range of services is Safe Removals.

Whether you run a large corporation or an SME, we’re confident we can cater to your business’s needs for any office removals or similar service. Additionally, we have the expertise and equipment to relocate objects up to two-tonnes, which no other removals company can. For all business and commercial relocations and storage in London, Safe Removals can meet your specifications.

Booking a Professional Moving Company in London

Safe Removals is London’s office removals experts, and we relocate thousands of businesses every year. We can accommodate office relocations of any size, regardless of whether it’s a small company or a major corporation with hundreds of employees. Every job we book undergoes a thorough assessment process to ensure we understand every aspect of your company’s relocation.

The Safe Removals team will dismantle all your office furniture, disassemble all the fixtures and fittings from your old office, typically on Friday. We’ll transport everything to your new building and assemble all your furniture over the weekend. By Monday morning, you’ll be ready to open the doors and welcome your employees back to work, ready to go.

Our team are experts in full office relocations, which includes complete IT migration. We will pack all your IT and communications equipment carefully and reinstall everything in your new office. The Safe Technical Team will then install your IT infrastructure in time to rest your systems before going back online.

Safe Removals can oversee the entire office relocation in detail. However, if you would prefer to take a lead role, we are happy to turn up to transport your furniture and equipment on the moving day. No matter what service you choose, the Safe Removals team will be with you every step of the way. Our number one aim is to reduce any downtime wherever possible and have you set up as soon as possible.

Our Range of Business and Commercial Services

From many years of working with businesses in London, we know what companies are looking for. It’s usually somewhere secure to store things like legal documents, surplus office furniture or other equipment. Many of our commercial clients were in the same position, and they needed to be able to store their items somewhere with top-notch security measures. Additionally, they had space issues and were looking to avoid overcrowding their new office or workspace.

Using storage is the best way to ensure that your company’s products, equipment and materials are safe and secure. While many buildings have storage spaces, there is no guarantee that these provisions were made to give suitable protection from damage and theft. At Safe Removals, our storage units are made to resist all weather and damage issues. And our facilities have state of the art security measures.

The Safe Removals team take on every job with a focus on delivering excellent customer service. We always turn up early with an aim to complete every relocation or storage job on time. Furthermore, we are specialists in business storage and removals services, and there is no job we can’t do. No matter what your company’s needs are, Safe Removals has the right service for you.

Safe Removals – London’s Business-Friendly Removals and Storage Company

At Safe Removals, we’re known for providing the best business and commercial removals in London. Our staff are business and commercial specialists, which includes our Safe Removals and Installation service. No other removals company can offer the same range of business relocation and storage options. That’s what puts us ahead of the competition and able to work with every business sector.

The Safe Removals team can handle any office or commercial relocation request. We work with larger corporations for office relocations, as well as construction companies who need site clearance. Additionally, we also have a range of other business and commercial storage packages available.

While most commercial rental spaces come with a twelve – twenty-four-month lease, you won’t have that problem with Safe Removals. You can store with us for a long time or just a short period. We have a range of business and commercial storage services that make us London’s number one for business.

Safe Removals number one priority is providing the highest standard of removals and storage services. Contact us today, and we’ll go into more detail about our business and commercial packages.