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London’s Favourite Office Moving Company

Posted on October 5, 2021 by Safe Removals
London’s Favourite Office Moving Company

Moving to a new office or workspace involves a lot of planning, not to mention an ability to time everything to reduce downtime. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to do this yourself unless your furniture and equipment are basic. Even then, it’s tricky to keep on top of every task without forgetting something. And that’s where issues start to arise, and they might derail your relocation or cause delays.

Safe Removals are specialists for all business and commercial removals, storage, and a host of other services. We relocate companies of various sizes and from every business sector that you can think of. Our teams have the latest removal’s tools and equipment to take on any job. We’ll go through how the process works in this blog, giving you an insight into why it’s a good idea to work with experts.

The Comprehensive Office Removals Service –

Every office relocation requires a unique strategy to ensure success, in line with how your company operates. While there will always be similarities with other jobs, we view each on its own merits. That’s the best way to avoid assuming something a missing an important point that affects the move. At Safe Removals, we’re sticklers for details because we know it matters.

We design every removals and storage package to provide more options for our customers. This is necessary when dealing with businesses because every industry comes with different needs. It’s possible to combine several packages to get the desired result. And this all happens when we assess your relocation thoroughly, noting every potential issue as we do it.

At this point, you’re probably still working out what to do first, and that’s only natural, especially if this is breaking new ground for you. We’ll go through some of the main aspects of business relocations in this article. Wherever possible, we’ll give you tips and relevant information throughout your relocation. And it all starts with putting you on the correct path for an efficient office move.

Entire Office Relocations for Corporations –

Before hastily choosing a removals company, you’ll need to check a few things with them first. If your business has over one hundred employees, it’s over the threshold of a small or medium removals job. You’ll need a sophisticated plan of action that includes things like operational needs and acceptable downtime. This is especially true if your company has any form of manufacturing process with a production line.

You might now be thinking about seeking advice from experts in office or commercial relocations, and you’re 100% correct. Luckily, you’re in the right place – Safe Removals is renowned for business removals and storage, as well as a host of specialist services. We have the right tools of the trade to scale up to any size of relocation. This includes larger corporations with hundreds or thousands of staff.

We’re going to get straight to the point – this type of situation should entail an in-depth strategy. If the prospective moving company doesn’t mention this, it’s unlikely they have the right experience. You’ll need to choose the most suitable day to move. The aim is to power down, perform the relocation, and be able to power up again efficiently. We’ll assign a move manager to oversee and orchestrate the whole relocation to instil a high standard of service delivery.

Affordable Office Moves for SMEs and Start-Ups –

On the other side of the spectrum now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these relocations are simpler. While smaller might sound easier, we know from experience to never take things at face value. Once you start delving deeper, some interesting facts will appear that catches you off-guard. It might be a small business, but you then learn they have a secure safe to disassemble, two fire doors, and several other large pieces of equipment.

Never judge a book by its cover springs to mind, especially if it’s a company with only a few workers. That’s why we have a stringent assessment process that we apply to every removal inquiry. We plan meticulously and leave nothing to chance, never cutting corners or taking easy options to save time. We know that commercial and office enterprises often own bulky or specialist equipment, appliances, or tools.

There’s also the issue of moving the objects in and out of properties and the potential to cause problems. Without preparation, you might damage the interior walls or break equipment when carrying things. By visiting the site instead of making assumptions, we will know this in addition to anything else worth noting. Then it’s a case of planning how to remove each item safely.

Business and Commercial Self Storage –

Office and other commercial relocations don’t always happen in one movement, so it’s worth knowing the alternatives regarding timelines. Depending on the company’s primary function, it might be necessary to stagger the move over several days or even weeks. This might be a case when running a particular machine up until the very last opportunity while arranging everything else around it.

There might also be a delay in the original moving in date, and you’re already due to vacate your current building. That’s where you’ll need to consider using business self storage to house all your items while you carry on with other duties. Safe Removals has various storage options available, including different unit sizes. We’ll include this in the overall moving plan to cover all bases.

Your items will be safe and secure while the rest of the move continues, and this gives you some vital time for things like contacting anyone in your supply chain. Then we’ll pack up everything from the storage unit on moving day to streamline everything. You can hand it over to us, and we’ll coordinate the complete relocation from start to finish.

Comprehensive IT Migration Services –

For businesses with lots of computer equipment, you’ll need to have IT migration as a priority. This goes well beyond unplugging and packing them up on the day of the move. All IT systems require specialists to power everything down and safely turn to boot them up again. And doing something incorrectly can cause irreparable damage with expensive corrective measures.

Fortunately, Safe Removals has a dedicated IT relocation service that covers the following points:

  • Free site survey and a dedicated project manager for your move.
  • Every user is allocated a labelled IT crate – we’ll move all their electronic and telephony-related items.
  • We protect every item with bubble wrap before placing them in crates.
  • Printers and scanners are packaged to prevent damage in transit.
  • If required, we’ll remove redundant items for data removal and recycling.

Our team will handle your data centre migration, server relocation, express computer courier, computer transportation services, and internal moves and changes. We only employ technical experts and professional technicians to ensure that your IT equipment will be handled correctly. Additionally, we’ll make sure to deliver it all safely, on time, fully functional and within budget.

Superior Handling and Packing Skills –

In our many years of providing removals for businesses all over London and beyond, we think there are two areas people tend to overlook when they set priorities. The first is preparation, and you’ll probably know from reading how many times we bring it up. Then there’s the packing side of things, but this is a tricky one. Mainly because this is far more of a skillset, specifically when relocating an entire company.

And believe it or not – the materials of the packaging can cause a multitude of problems. That’s why the Safe Removals team thoroughly assesses any potential vulnerability of your contents before choosing the most suitable packaging. The packing materials we use withstands the pressure and strain of transport and repeated handling, including the loading and unloading stages.

If someone uses the wrong type of wrapping and padding for particular objects, the likelihood of damage occurring increases. A good example of this is when handling and packing fine art that has oil-based paint. By choosing a wrapping that’s either too thick or has an adhesive effect under higher temperatures, you’re risking permanent warping of the piece’s surface.

That’s why we wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t have removal experience to take this type of job. Similarly, most moving companies probably don’t know this either, as it comes from working with valuable items and requires an expert opinion. That’s why it pays to book with Safe Removals because we can rely on this level of knowledge within our ranks.

Safe Removals – London’s Number One for Office Relocations –

When it’s time to move your company to a new workspace, it’s worth finding a removals provider that understands that business relocations require a firm plan of action. That’s why thousands of businesses in London choose to work with us. Very few other removals companies can offer the same range of business relocation and storage options. Moreover, we prioritise customer service as our primary focus.

The entire Safe Removals team have a passion for helping other businesses find the services they need. We know from personal experience that things like downtime and delays are to be avoided at all costs. Our range of services caters to as many industries as possible with a view to limit the impact of moving to a new building. We do this while keeping standards high and prices at an affordable level.

If you’d like to discuss our range of business packages and services, click here, and we’ll create a free quotation.