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Make More Space at Home with Storage in London

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Safe Removals
Make More Space at Home with Storage in London

We could all do with some more space at home, especially for people who live in London. There is no getting away from it, London is expensive, and rent and mortgage prices are sky-high. If you want more space, it won’t be cheap. Extra rooms and storage space come at a premium which is why Londoners are adept at making the most out of what they have.

One of the savvy ways to create more space at home is to use storage. It’s the most efficient way to organise your possessions, and it’s a lot cheaper than upsizing to another apartment or house. By renting a self storage unit from Safe Removals, your belongings will be safe and secure, and your home will feel twice as big.

Create More Space at Home with Storage –

If you live in one of London’s apartment complexes or smaller houses, you’ll be aware of how difficult it is to open up space at home. Many of London’s apartments have virtually not storage cupboards or spaces. Not to mention that second bedrooms in the capital are far from cheap. That’s where storage can help.

A 50-sq-ft unit can store approximately one room’s worth of your belongings in. If you upsize, you can fit in an entire apartment’s worth of items into a 100-sq-ft storage unit. That’s a tremendous amount of space you can create by renting a self storage unit. Another bonus is that renting a self storage unit and it’s much cheaper than upsizing flat or house. You won’t have to sign a lease, and you can use your storage unit for as long as you need it. It’s the most flexible way to create more space at home.

The paramount feature of using self storage in the safety and security of your belongings. No matter how savvy your home security system is, it doesn’t safeguard your valuables. Something that a lot of people overlook is the damage that can be done by an unseen leek or general damp. It can rot wood, oxidise metal and cause rust, and it can damage electrical components. With storage, you have the peace of mind that your possession is safe and sound.

Other Tips for Reducing Clutter in London –

There’s no need to make decluttering overly complicated. Use, sell it or give it away.

Use it. If you’re adamant that the power drill you rarely use won’t gather dust, then keep it. The only rule here is to make sure it still works, and that you store items correctly in a case. If you’re set on keeping both of those blenders, then you’re probably hoarding.

Sell it. If you can make some money while you declutter, then you’re winning. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are an easy way to check if something’s is valuable and sells. You can also sell items at second-hand dealers or high-street shops, but you may lose some of the potential profit.

Give it away. It’s better to give something away if you aren’t using it. Many charities in London specialise selling second-hand goods at affordable prices. If you look online, you’ll also find a lot of upcycling companies who repurpose old items, and recycling collectives and businesses who take donations and give packages to people on low incomes. By giving unused things away, you’ll be contributing to your community as well as creating more space at home. Everybody wins.

Safe Removals – London’s Favourite Storage Provider –

Safe Removals caters for every type of storage needs. We work with hundreds of local people and business every year in London. Our domestic storage packages are inclusive and affordable because we believe that storage is for everyone.

The Safe Removals team provides a service that we’d like to receive. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when we create our removals and storage packages and deals. No matter how big or small the job, we always put the same effort and commitment to every job.

Your home should be your sanctuary, not somewhere you can’t keep many belongings. The best option for any Londoner is to use Safe Removals to help you create more space in your apartment or house.

Contact us today, and we’ll go through your storage requirements, in addition to discussing our range of services.