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Moving to an Apartment Complex in London with Safe Removals

Posted on September 13, 2018 by Safe Removals
Moving to an Apartment Complex in London with Safe Removals

Whether you’re moving into London from another part of the UK or another part of the capital, you can start planning your relocation now.The sooner you get things underway, the easier it will be to get everything done on time. Being on the ball will help you secure the right day you wish to move, in addition to giving yourself time to sort out any small hiccups that make happen along the way. And one of the most important things to sort out is choosing a reliable removals company.

At Safe Removals, we move thousands of people in London and from outside of the capital every month. We’re experts in being able to handle tricky relocations, which includes transporting and moving furniture into apartment complexes. We have all the right tools and equipment to take on any removals job. We can relocate you from any part of the UK, meaning you can the highest standard of customer service wherever you’re relocating from.

Man & Van and Home Removals in London –

Safe Removals has a range of removals servicesthat will fit any situation, for domestic and business customers. For people who are moving into apartment complexes, we wouldn’t automatically just base your service on the number of items you’re moving with, but it’s where we would begin our assessment.

Our Man & Van serviceis ideal for inner-city relocations and small loads. This is because the smaller vehicles can navigate the typical congestion of London or other major cities. It also means that any unforeseen traffic or accidents don’t cause a delay, as we will change the route to use minor roads. It can sometimes be cheaper to use this option for larger loads by undertaking more than one trip.

If you’re moving with a more significant volume of items or you have bulky furniture, we would suggest using our Home Removalsservice. We have a few vehicles sizes available to suit any type of relocation. The Safe Removals team have decades of experience in removals, and we will assess your relocation in minute detail. Our team leave nothing to chance, and we are thorough. We guarantee to deliver the right removal service for your needs.

Mini Checklist When Relocating to Your New Apartment –

We would advise that you also check with your new landlord or estate agent to get the dimensions and storage space information of the apartment. You may need to declutter and reduce the number of items you’re relocating with. This is why it’s crucial that you give yourself plenty of time to get the right information before your relocation.

If you have a lot of possessions that you don’t plan on parting with, no problem. This is where storage becomes beneficial,especially to people in London. Everyone knows that every square foot of space in the capital has its price, often a relatively high one. By using storage, you can free up lots of space in your new apartment. Plus, storage is considerably cheaper than renting a larger flat with extra storage spaces.

There is another aspect that requires more consideration than people realise and that’s choosing the right day to move. The most popular day of the week for relocating is a Friday, but it’s also the day that causes the most complications. Many bank payments for mortgages don’t go through in time which can delay handing over keys. We often suggest moving on a Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid any similar issues.

Once you have your date of departure, contact your utility provider and council to inform them you’re moving out. Clear any outstanding bills and send in final readings, which you should also record for evidence. And make sure you do lots of research on the building and area you’re moving to. Make a journey out there a few times so you can find out the best place to eat and drink to celebrate your big move.

Safe Removals – London’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

Safe Removalsrelocates hundreds of people into apartment complexes every month in London. We have a vast amount of collective experience in our removals team, which helps us when we have to manoeuvre awkward furniture into tight spaces. We give our team all the right tools and equipment to undertake any removals job.

Safe Removals offers an additional level of specialist servicesto complement our core packages. This is what sets us apart from a lot of the removals companies in London. We can go above and beyond the standard removals options that create more choice for our customers. That includes uninstalling, transporting and installingthings like safes.

At Safe Removals, we base everything we do on providing an excellent level of customer service. We have a loyal group of clients who return to us because of the high standardof service we deliver. Not only that, we often receive referrals due to previous jobs for satisfied customers who recommend us to family and friends. We work hard to ensure we meet our customer’s removals and storage needs.

If you’re planning your next relocation to one of London’s apartment complexes, contact ustoday. We have the right removals package to home you into your new home.