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Office Removals & Business Storage in London: Designed to Fit your Business’s Needs

Posted on July 11, 2020 by Safe Removals
Office Removals & Business Storage in London: Designed to Fit your Business’s Needs

There’s one thing that you’re never short of in London, and that’s a massive range of choices when it comes to buying goods, finding entertainment, or booking a service. The removals and storage sector is thriving, which is typical of any city with a strong business community with national and worldwide networks. However, this also means it can be tricky to find a company that specialises in certain aspects of business and commercial removals.

That’s where Safe Removals comes to the forefront. We provide unique removals and storage packages you won’t find anywhere else in the capital. Furthermore, we can tailor these services to create something that matches your company’s needs.

Removals and Storage Tailor-Made for Your Business –

Safe Removals is at the forefront of our industry when it comes to relocating an entire company. It begins with a lot of preparation work which then helps us tackle things quickly. We’re fast, efficient, and everything we do aims to cause a minimal level of disruption for our client’s business. We can complete an office or workplace removal over a single weekend, so you’re ready to go on Monday.

Every relocation undergoes a stringent planning process where our team will take all your specifications and formulate a plan of action. If you have a lot of delicate IT equipment, we’ll create a strategy that ensures the specific pieces that require additional protection are uninstalled and kept safe and secure.

Our Crate Hire service is often an essential component for office relocations where individual items require a robust packaging for the journey. We’ll go into more detail about this in this blog, in additional aspects of several other essential services. Safe Removals is a one-stop company, meaning you won’t have to use anyone else to complete your relocation. We do it all.

We will oversee your entire office or workspace relocation by assigning a lead person to manage everything. This creates a single-point contact for you, making it easier to communicate any updates directly. Our team will dismantle and pack everything, leaving you to take care of things like notifying your clients and supply chain of your relocation.

Onsite Safe Removal and Installation Available –

One of our unique packages is our Safe Relocation service, which we offer for household and commercial units. The reason why we’re one of the few companies who undertake this service is due to the extreme weight aspects of moving a safe. Even the smaller ones are much heavier than they seem. Not to mention their purpose is to safeguard valuable contents, so it’s difficult to uninstall them. In a nutshell – this should never be undertaken without the use of specialist equipment by experts.

The Safe Removals team has specialised skills and lifting equipment to protect against damage occurring. Additionally, if you need your safe installed or removed from your site and ethically disposed of, we’ll deal with it. Furthermore, we offer a pre-delivery site survey that includes an assessment of the delivery route and the feasibility of installing your safe.

Before we provide any quotes, it’s crucial that we understand every aspect of your company’s relocation. We need to know the layout of both properties, whether there are any obstructing walls and adequate clearance space for corridors and doorways. This is why we usually suggest an onsite inspection takes place, which can also be done via video call.

Our team aims to provide a safe and secure way to relocate or remove a safe. It’s a complicated job with objects that are often in excess of a tonne. You can imagine why this needs to be left to the professionals who have the proven track record and modern equipment. After all, it’s why we’re called Safe Removals. We put in a lot of assessment and preparation work in advance of our boots hitting the ground. That’s why we’re efficient, but most of all, able to perform this service safely.

Expert Handling for Objects Up to Two-Tonnes –

There’s one thing that all reputable removals companies have in common, and that’s flexibility. At Safe Removals, we have set packages that serve specific functions, which we covered in the previous section. However, we don’t look at things in a rigid, narrow way. Each removal and storage service has a flexible scope, which means other similar jobs can be met with them.

Our dedicated safe moving teams undergo specialist training that allows them to work with safes of all types and sizes, up to two-tonnes in weight. In addition to the removal and installation of safes, we also cater to the following:

  • Data safes and cabinets
  • Cash safes
  • Fire-proof cabinets
  • Strongboxes
  • Document cabinets
  • Deposit safes
  • Gun safes and cabinets
  • Security doors

To revisit a point from the previous section, the central aspect of concern with removing and installing a safe or security door is the weight. A majority of safes fall within a sixty-kg range, which means we can safely do this without a full site survey. However, this is also a best-practice guidance weight consideration, and it doesn’t take anything else into account regarding the site itself.

That’s why we’re the best at what we do – nothing is left to chance. We have a set process of assessment questions and procedures which results in a complete understanding of the job. Moreover, you can have confidence in who you’re working with. All of our safe removals are carried out by our in-house team of DBS checked, fully qualified fleet of engineers, who are based all around the UK.

Crate Hire Service for Additional Protection –

Every service we offer aims to provide the best possible removals and storage outcome. And when it comes to a successful relocation, it should always aim to keep your company’s equipment in perfect condition. At Safe Removals, we don’t think there’s a logical reason why a certain amount of damage is acceptable. With the correct planning and application of packages, the issue with damage or breakages should be non-existent.

That’s why we have a dedicated Crate Hire service. Some objects require an additional level of safeguarding when in transit. It’s that simple. And what sets business and commercial removals apart from most domestic jobs is the additional value and/or bulk of each load. For example, we might be handling medical equipment when relocating a hospital ward. This requires a higher level of precision and protection than anything you might find at home.

Here is an outline of what our Crate Hire service entails:

  • Full crate hire service
  • Crates of every shape and size for any purpose and in any number
  • Crates delivered before the move (if required)
  • Crate collection service
  • Bespoke crates created for special items
  • Packing service available on request
  • Secure short- or long-term commercial storage available for all items

We have containers of all shapes and sizes, all made from the sturdiest, impact-tested materials. Moreover, all Safe Removal teams have the right equipment to secure our crates during transportation. This includes wheeled carriers, blankets, rope ties and boxes. You can be confident that your goods and equipment will be safe and secure when we’re moving everything to your new location.

A Range of Business and Commercial Storage –

Safe Removals has a holistic range of services, making it possible for us to perform every task. This includes a provision for storage requirements across every business sector in London. If you’re a supermarket manager who has excess stock and no storage space left, we can accommodate you. You might run an inner-city business where staff are currently working from home, and you need somewhere secure for your office equipment. No problem – we can store any item.

There’s no minimum or maximum contract applicable for our storage packages. Additionally, we can assist with any packing and preparation of items before they go into your storage unit. Our team will assess your requirements to suggest the correct storage package, with particular emphasis on access needs. If you need regular access, we’ll recommend going with a self storage option.

Security is a big deal at Safe Removals, and we have robust measures and CCTV coverage throughout our depot. Nothing gets in our out without clearance from us, and every member of staff has security vigilance training. Our entire facility has alarm systems in place, which includes every storage unit.

We can also accept and deliver your items at short notice in emergency situations. Once everything is secure in your unit, we provide a dedicated storage management service. And if you need help with insurance, there’s full cover available through Lloyd’s Insurance. You’ll receive an inventory of everything in your storage unit, which will help you organise things should you need to retrieve them.

Why We’re the Best for London Businesses –

Safe Removals is London’s favourite removals and storage company for domestic and business clients. Our priority is to provide the best customer service possible, as well as offering competitive rates for our services. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a better standard of removals service.  And if you require somewhere secure for your possessions, we also have excellent storage packages.

The Safe Removals team relocates thousands of companies every year in London and the surrounding areas.  We like to build relationships with our customers so that they use our company for future moves or storage. Our team have years of experience when it comes to removals and storage. And one aspect that’s crucial to us is packing each van properly. For this reason, we not only get repeat customers; they often refer us to work colleagues and associates, as well as family and friends.

Safe Removals has a variety of vehicles for any size relocation, and we have the right removals equipment. No two objects are the same. That means they all need different sorts of packaging, and they need to transport everything differently. Our expert team will do everything possible to make sure that your belongings are in perfect condition when you arrive at your new location.

Safe Removals – London’s Business Removals and Storage Experts –

Safe Removals has a track record of providing the best business removals and storage in London. As a matter of fact, we’re known as the business and commercial specialists. No other removals company can offer the same range of business relocation and storage options. Moreover, we prioritise customer service as our primary focus on every job we undertake.

Everyone at Safe Removals is a firm supporter of London’s business community. We all know from experience how tricky it can be to run a successful business in the capital. That’s why our range of services cater to as many industries as possible. We do this by keeping standards high and prices at an affordable level. We’re also more than willing to pass on any viable information that might help your business.

If you’d like to discuss our range of business packages and services, please contact us today. We are confident that we can add value to your business in London.