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Proud Members of the Master Removers Group

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Safe Removals
Proud Members of the Master Removers Group

If you’re looking to hire a removals company in London, certain things are vital. One of those is ensuring that any company you use during your move is reliable and has a solid reputation. There are lots of companies that operate in the capital that make claims of both, but many of them fall well short of the mark.

At times, it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad, and a lot of companies offer smart-looking deals to lure people in. At Safe Removals, it’s the quality of the service we provide that matters. Although we keep our prices low, we don’t sacrifice our high level of customer service. And now, we’re part of an elite group of removals and storage company called the Master Removers Group.

What Makes the Master Removers Group Superior –

To become a member of the Master Removers Group, you need to maintain the highest level of customer service. Every member company of this elite network of removals and storage providers have this in common. We all believe that by providing this level of service is our number one goal.

All members are BAR-accredited and have strict guidelines for any issues that may arise. Every industry has some form of accreditation, and you should only use companies that comply with those standards. The same goes for conflict resolution. A company that puts the customer first will have a set process to resolve any issues.

Every Master Removals Group member make their reviews and customer testimonials easy to find. This isn’t to boast or showboat (although we’re very proud of them!). It’s a requirement that any potential customers can get an accurate perspective of any company before they book them. The option to leave a review is just as important to us. Feedback from our customers helps us to improve our service and see if we need to create any new packages.

All staff members must be experts and prove to have high levels of competency. It’s also essential that everyone is personable and approachable, which is an integral part of customer service. Moreover, it’s vital that our customers can reach us when they need to.

Why You Should Only Use Reliable Removals Companies in London –

If you want excellent service, you should avoid companies that offer prices that are very low. A lot of our current customers have told us of their past experiences of appalling service and a lot of breakages. Some of the damage the occurs can be very expensive, and some companies also lack the correct level of insurance. The truth is, a reliable removals company will do everything possible to prevent damage in transit. That means using specific types of packaging for specific items, as well as packing things properly.

A Master Removals Group member company will always turn up on time. Not only that, our approach is the same across the board. Our staff members are friendly and available to talk through any issues or questions. You should always be able to contact a reliable company, even if that’s to arrange a suitable time for us to call you back. If you do a quick online check of any business, you can often spot the companies that don’t answer their phone or return emails. Just check their online reviews for any customer complaints about this.

The final part of the service is that all quotes are free with no obligation. In addition, once the finer details of the job are confirmed, what you’re quoted is what you’ll pay. You won’t ever receive any hidden charges from a Master Removers Group company. Everything is above board and transparent.

Safe Removals – We Are Proud Members of the Master Removers Group –

Safe Removals are very proud members of an elite network of removals and storage providers. Customer service is important to us and being a part of this group is a sign that we’re meeting a high standard. Our staff are friendly and always available to discuss our range of services with you.

The Safe Removals team provides a service that we’d like to receive. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when we create our removals and storage packages and deals. No matter how big or small the job, we always put the same effort and commitment to every job. We’re also happy to discuss any of our services, even if you’re just planning a possible move for the future.

Safe Removals is also London’s number one for moving business and home safes, and we can move any type of safe. Data safes, cash safes, fire-proof cabinets, strong boxes, document cabinets – we do it all. We can even move security doors and other heavy-duty security items, within a two-tonne limit.

Safe Removals aim to continue to work with our customers to ensure we meet their removals and storage needs. Contact us today to speak about our range of services.