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Put your precious belongings in Safe hands

Posted on August 31, 2021 by Safe Removals
Put your precious belongings in Safe hands

As a business that provides packing, removals, and storage services to households and companies in London, we understand the importance of keeping our customers’ goods or belongings safe and well protected. Whether you’re transferring domestic items or commercial products to a storage location or new property, the safety of your valuables is the most fundamental priority to us.

Safe Removals has grown to become one of the capital’s best known and fastest-growing independent providers. In addition to bolstering an already solid reputation, we work diligently to attain the highest standards. There are always opportunities to hone and improve our expertise and methods to a position where we continue to advance our skills considerably. This includes heavily investing in protective equipment and specialist removal’s tools.

A Comprehensive Removals and Storage Service –

Let’s start with some of the basics of what you need from core removal and storage services. If you’re moving from one area in London across the city to another, we’ll suggest you book a man and van service. This also works for any relocation with a smaller over volume it items near to London. Safe Removals Man & Van service is one of the most popular packages for Londoners looking for efficiency and excellent value for money.

Some of the advantages of using a man with a van service are affordability and benefits unique to smaller vans. These vehicles are easier to load and offload in the more densely populated parts of London. And if our van is causing an obstruction, it’s simple enough to park somewhere else without it causing any delays with your relocation. This should keep you in the good books with your neighbours.

Safe Removals has a range of removals vans to choose from, making it possible for us to do any removals job. We have various sizes of removals vehicles at our disposal and the best equipment and tools. We assess every aspect of your upcoming relocation in detail to ensure that we fully understand what your requirements are. This is done to ensure we can provide the correct service for our customers.

Our Packing and Unpacking Service in Detail –

To safely pack your valuable items, we have a range of packing and removing supplies that minimise the risk of damage during transit. The Safe Removals team will thoroughly assess any potential vulnerability of your contents before choosing the most suitable packaging. The packing materials we use withstands the pressure and strain of transport and repeated handling, including the loading and unloading stages.

Another lesser-known aspect of the preparation side of things is the packaging itself. This might sound a bit off-topic, but the wrong type of wrapping and padding for particular objects can be problematic. For example, if you have art that has oil-based paint, thicker plastic sheeting might cause overheating. The potential for damage then increases significantly.

We wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t have removal’s experience to know this. Similarly, most moving companies probably don’t know this either, as it comes from working with valuable items and requires an expert opinion. That’s why it pays to book with elite movers like Safe Removals. This is the sort of knowledge we have in our ranks.

The Best Removal’s Tools and Equipment –

We use the best quality equipment, effective packaging, and labelling, all to protect your belongings. There will be specific packaging requirements depending on the type of items we’re dealing with. We have bubble wrap for your wine glass to specially made cushion materials for your sofas, television, and mattresses. We also insist that stretch wrap and blankets be used for the most basic furniture, so our customers have peace of mind.

Our vehicles are also equipped to meet special requirements according to the classification of the goods. We have stretch strings and ropes we use to minimise risks during the journey between locations. Extra blankets are applied whenever needed to avoid scratches to any furniture or surfaces of appliances. We’ll also place additional strips and pieces of packing materials to prevent friction or collisions when the van is moving.

Not only do we secure your items, but our removal’s crew have specialist training to distribute the weight to avoid any unwanted issues. We also provide our removers with thorough procedures when loading and unloading your goods or items. And there are moving managers available for large or complicated relocations.

An Unbeatable Selection of Business Packages –

Safe Removals is also London’s office removal experts, and we relocate thousands of businesses every year. We can accommodate office relocations of any size, regardless of whether it’s a small company or a major corporation with hundreds of employees. All the jobs we take on undergo a thorough assessment to ensure we understand every aspect of your office relocation.

Our team are all experts in full office removals, which includes complete IT migration. We will pack all your IT and communications equipment carefully and reinstall everything in your new office. The Safe Technical team will install your IT infrastructure in time to rest your systems before going back online. Safe Removals can manage and oversee the entire office relocation in detail. No matter what service you choose, we will be with you every step of the way.

The Safe Removals team know how to scale our services to suit any company, regardless of size or number of employees. We offer SMEs affordable removals and storage where we can take over all their distribution processes. This entails our man & van and self storage combination service, which streamlines everything. Our team will then oversee your stock control, collections, and deliveries within twenty-four hours.

For large corporations, we have a proven track record of undertaking complete office relocations. This is everything from one hundred to over one thousand employees in a single job. We will assess and create a strategy that includes handling your IT needs. A personal move manager will oversee the entire move, as well as an aftercare service to check everything’s running smoothly after your relocation.

Leading with Excellent Customer Service –

At Safe Removals, everything boils down to the level of customer service we provide. It’s the foundation which our company rests on, making it possible to have a loyal base of customers. The question for anyone looking for a similarly reliable removals company is this: How do you find one without working with them previously?

The answer is online rating platforms like Google Reviews and Trustpilot. Both websites present you with information from previous customers and a mark out of five stars. You can see their rating and comments to weigh up if a company is genuine and reliable. It’s also possible to determine whether you’ll receive a high standard of service from these previous customer testimonials.

Our online reviews can provide you with evidence of a high standard of customer service. We’re BAR accredited, which is the removals standard of protection for customers. Additionally, we’re also a member of the Master Removers Group – an elite collective of companies that form an unbeatable network of customer service.

The Safe Removals team are highly skilled experts in removals and storage. Every removals job we undertake is done by people with consummate knowledge and experience in removals and usually other trades. Accordingly, we supply our team with all the modern equipment and removal tools to deliver the best service possible.

Safe Removals – The Ultimate Level of Protection for Your Possessions –

For everyone at Safe Removals, we believe it’s our responsibility to offer you and your belongings the safest possible move! That’s why you can trust us to handle your goods or possessions safely. We’re known as the best business removals and storage company in London. People understand that we bring a higher pedigree and range of specialist expertise to everything we do.

No other removals company can offer the same selection of business and household relocation and storage options. Moreover, we prioritise customer service as our primary focus on every job we undertake. We do this by keeping standards high and prices at an affordable level. And we’ll continue to do this for every job we sign up for.

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