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Relocating Your Business from Europe to London

Posted on December 16, 2019 by Safe Removals
Relocating Your Business from Europe to London

If your company is planning on opening a new office in London or relocating there entirely in the next year, it’s important to book with a company with a proven track record. Safe Removals works with hundreds of international business owners who relocate their enterprises to the capital every year. We have a range of removals options for you to choose from, ensuring that we match all your specifications.

Safe Removals has a reputation for providing an excellent standard of business removals and storage services. And via our network of superior partner companies, we can offer this same quality of service that we provide for our customers in London. Our team will create an individual removals service that will get your company up and running in record time in your new office.

A Guide to Relocating Your Business to London –

List all requirements – You’ll need to create a moving checklist that details every single specification of your company’s relocation. Think of things like the number of employees, x-number of desks and chairs, IT system and other electronic equipment.

Do your homework – Assign someone you trust to research the ins and outs of relocating your business to London. This needs to include any legal requirements, employee visas, and so on. Leave no stone unturned and contact the Chamber of Commerce in London for assistance.

Consider how to oversee relocation – At Safe Removals, we’ll do this for you, but this isn’t a stipulation. If you’d prefer a more hands-on role, we’re more than happy to provide the removals side of things. There will be a lot of planning and hard work ahead, but we’re always here to assist with any organisation tips.

Aim for reducing downtime – By booking with us, you’re already en route to an efficient relocation. And the more preparation work you do now will improve your chances of a successful move. Then it’s a case of working out how soon you can power-up and get the new London office running.

Using a Reputable Removals Provider –

You should never rush into something like booking a removals company. However, it’s critical that you do your due diligence when moving an entire business from Europe to London. Unfortunately, there are lots of removals providers vying for your business, and most will say they can meet your specifications to secure a booking. However, this isn’t always the case and their inability to do specific tasks could lead to poor service, undue delays and downtime.

When it comes to our range of services, no other company offers the business removals and storage options that we do. Safe Removals works with the Master Removers Group, and this network of elite companies makes it possible to collect you from anywhere on the continent. A lead person will assess and plan your relocation in detail, and they will oversee the entire move.

By choosing a reputable removals company like Safe Removals, you’re getting the best London has to offer. We are the capital’s number one for all your business removals and storage requirements. That’s because we can successfully take on any type of removals job, and we always attain 100% customer satisfaction. When it comes to full office or work relocations, we plan everything in advance to ensure a high standard of service delivery.

Our team will bring all the right packing materials and will arrange to have everything ready before the day of the move. At least two team members will undertake your relocation, and we are experts at handling tricky objects. You won’t have to worry about any issues with damage to your office furniture or work equipment.

Safe Removals – We’re London’s Business Experts in Removals and Storage –

Safe Removals is known for providing the best business removals and storage in London. We’re known as the business and commercial specialists, which includes our safe removal and installation packages. No other removals company can offer the same range of business relocation and storage options.

At Safe Removals, our team can undertake any office or commercial relocation request. We work with larger corporations for office relocations, as well as construction companies who need site clearance. Moreover, our excellent range of services is available to people who plan on moving their company to London.

The Safe Removals team moves hundreds of companies in London and the surrounding areas every year. We deliver on our promises; our team are punctual, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Similarly, we work to strict deadlines to ensure that there are no delays in relocating your company to London.

If you’re planning on relocating your company to London from Europe, please contact us today. We have the right business and commercial removals service for your company’s needs.