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Relocation to a commuter town

Posted on April 26, 2022 by Safe Removals
Relocation to a commuter town

As Spring gets moving and the easing of the restrictions brings fresh inspiration to restless Londoners, this may be the perfect time to set up the life that has been on the drawing board through the lockdown years.  With the new template of working from home or part-time in the office, greener spaces for recreation and relaxation are a major plus factor for many people seeking to change their London postcode and opt for a new setting in the years ahead.  The draw of a larger home and garden for less of a cost is magnetizing people beyond the M25.   As demand for property further into the suburbs and in the Home Counties continues to climb, what is valuable in a city location is being redefined and commuter towns offer greater rewards in terms of family environment, access to green spaces, and amenities.   Safe removals are always in gear to turn your plans into action and to facilitate a smooth process for you in your relocation to a greener space. 

Commuter times and zones are changing with Crossrail opening in 2020 

Although the new Elizabeth line has experienced some delays it is set to revitalize the neighborhoods along its route and place certain suburban places firmly on the London map.  The improvement of journey times into London from its outer reaches is set to halve commute times and dynamize these outer regions of the city.  Crossrail stations will connect residents with central London directly, minimizing time spent on complicated Underground journeys, greatly increasing the popularity of these postcodes.  Taking this into consideration, if you are looking for a commuter town in the Home Counties, you may not need to leave the city, but scope out these new areas which are set to flourish in the coming years.   From this perspective it is worth considering the changing city map and including some of the locations on the Elizabeth line as options for an outer- London relocation.   

Property investment on the Elizabeth Jubilee Line 

There have been micro property booms around the Jubilee line stations locations with regeneration in certain areas established well before the opening of the line.  Five key locations have experienced up to 50 percent property value increases, with other locations set to develop in the same trend.   In the less well-known places, the house prices are still competitive with further afield options.  Purchasing a Crossrail property now could significantly increase capital growth potential, and that is something some may want to consider at this moment in London’s changing landscape.

  Abbeywood on the border of Greenwich and Bexleyheath has an average house price of £350,00, and out on the fringes of Essex Harold Wood and Chadwell Heath are inside the M25 boundary, but close to green spaces.   Hayes and Harlington, West Drayton, and Southall are all set to expand the desirable West of London.  It would be worth researching the journey times and travel costs of staying inside the M25 and benefiting from the increase in property value in these new locations. 

Top commuter towns that are increasingly popular 

For those that are sure that their time as a dweller of London is well and truly complete, here are the most popular options for relocation that keep London within a short journey’s reach.  These options take into consideration, house prices, season ticket costs, and journey times. 


With the swiftest time into London and its cathedral heritage, St Albans is a very popular town complete with parks, leisure centers, and excellent entertainment all within walking distance. 

The fastest train to London: 20 mins

Season ticket price: £3,712

London terminus station: St Pancras 

Average house price: £582,115


Train to London: 21 mins

Season ticket price: £2,888

London terminus station: Kings Cross

Average house price: £358,761

The price of an average family home in Hatfield is much lower and offers room to develop in this Hertfordshire town.  It is just over 20 minutes to Kings Cross and has plenty to offer within short distances. 


 Train to London: 25 mins

Season ticket price: £4,736

London terminus station: Paddington

Average house price: £371,578

Reading has been a popular commuter town for some time now and has established a multi-cultural community.  While house prices are more competitive, the season ticket price is worth factoring into your equation as it is higher than the average. 


Train to London: 25 mins

Season ticket price: £2,708

London terminus station: St Pancras International

Average house price: £514,773

Borehamwood is increasingly popular amongst young professionals due to the easy commute to London and its up-and-coming high street bodes well for new innovative development and gentrification. 


Train to London: 25 mins

Season ticket price: £2,316

London terminus station: Paddington

Average house price: £547,399

Heathrow is 6 miles away, making Iver a good option if you want international connections as well as urban access.   House prices are climbing here but compared with London they are below average and benefit from the open space and access to the countryside. 

Things to consider when moving house 

Researching the area where you are planning to set up a new home is key to satisfying your long terms needs in a place.  Transport, healthcare, entertainment, and schools will all play a major role in how life will be in a location.  Joining local social media groups can help to give insight into how a place functions and gives you access to residents for local information.   The help of estate agents will be essential, and you may want to familiarize yourself with the market by visiting an auction and keeping up to date with what is trending in your desired area. 

  Once you have honed down the location and the right property you are on track for relocation.  At this point, it is wise to budget for moving expenses including fees for removals and potential storage.   Various factors will affect the timeline of your relocation, and a professional removal company will have these easily mapped for you.  School term times, renovations, and changes along the property sale timeline can all affect your estimated move dates.  Avoiding extra financial stress at these moments is essential and can be easy with trusted assistance on board.  Storage and temporary accommodation may be crucial factors in maintaining functionality whilst the move is happening. 

 Knowing you have the right team to hand for the actual move, with all their insight into the process will be a smart investment. Checking out potential removal companies on Google and Trustpilot will give you a rating system with which to vet any prospective moving company. At Safe Removals, we are confident to offer you our solid commitment to an efficient, cost-effective, and thorough service.  From planning to removals and storage, we have it covered.  

Safe Removals Guarantee 

At Safe Removals, we pride ourselves on our efficient and thorough service, from initial packing to providing a spacious vehicle and secure packing and transfer service.   We provide a tailored service, because every home relocation is different, and we aim to meet your needs and allow you to relax in the knowledge that all these practical aspects are taken care of. 

Our staff are fully trained and well equipped with all that is necessary for your situation. They are trained to move antiques, furniture, heavy goods, and precious personal items, ensuring that you can relax and focus on the finer details of the process.  With a well-experienced and bespoke service, we can provide solutions for any issues which may arise and take pride in doing so.  To get a quote for your relocation click here https://www.saferemovals.co.uk/contact_us/