Safe Removals London – Top Five Commuter Areas Near London

Posted on July 1, 2018 by Safe Removals
Safe Removals London – Top Five Commuter Areas Near London

For many people, London is the ideal place to live to start and maintain a successful career. London is the unelected financial capital of Europe, which makes it an attractive option for national and international companies. It all adds up to a rich mix of available funds, innovation and forward-thinking people who aim high to succeed.

Like any major city, some aspects might make people rethink their living options. For some, the expensive rent and mortgage rates can make it more difficult to save money. And then there is the lure of living in a quieter environment against the bustling London pace. That’s why many Londoners are moving to some of the commuter towns nearby.

Safe Removals’ Top Five Commuter Towns Near London –

Reading– although Reading doesn’t receive the same notoriety as other commuter locations, it’s getting our top spot. The reason why is that Reading strikes a balance between town and city life. For people escaping London, going somewhere remote might be a culture shock too far. Reading is within a short distance to London, has its own thriving economy, and lies between other several other well-known towns and cities. House prices are also well below London rates.

Crawley – another location that might work more for Londoners who want a busier environment. Although Crawley is traditionally a market town, its evolution into an industrious new dwelling has seen its economy grow. Very low unemployment and excellent transport links – international with Gatwick, this is an ideal place for people who want the best of both worlds. The average house prices here are also a considerable plus-point.

Basildon– a place that once boasts having the lowest house prices for popular commuter locations. Basildon has seen an influx of new residents in the last few years, pushing its house and rent prices up. It’s still a bargain in comparison to London and is just over thirty minutes away from the capital by train.

Southend– another vote for Essex, this time a bit further away from London. Southend-on-Sea is just under an hour’s journey from London. For people who are looking for something coastal, this might be your ideal location. House prices are on the higher side of the scale in comparison to the other choices, but still a massive reduction against every zone in London. It’s close enough for the daily commute to London, but far enough away to make all the difference.

Stevenage –the last entry on our list that warrants a wild card status. Not many people associate Stevenage as a typical commuter town, which is why it’s a hidden gem of sorts. With very favourable house and rental prices, a move to Stevenage will save you a fortune, and it’s under thirty minutes away from London.

The Advantages of Commuting to London –

On average, the house prices in most of the commuter towns in comparison to London is between £250, 000 and £ 500, 000. That will vary depending on what zone in London. His alone is a significant advantage of moving to a commuter town. The same is true for rental prices, which are on average £500 – £700 cheaper than the monthly rental costs of a basic apartment in London. Although, you will need to factor the cost of a season ticket on the train when budgeting.

Even if you look at busier towns like Reading and Crawley, you’ll instantly sense the noise and pace reduction. London is easily one of the most amazing cities in the world, but it can be loud and non-stop. And remember – the excellent transport links from all of the commuter locations means you can be back in London within an hour.

The commuter towns the feature in this blog are all under an hour’s train ride from London. That means a two-hour commute every day for work or to meet clients. You don’t have to leave behind the culture and other positive aspects of London. You can still enjoy a show in the West End and be back in Braintree to enjoy a glass of wine before bed. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds while saving a lot of money.

Safe Removals – We’re the Number One Choice for People Relocating to a Commuter Area –

Safe Removalsmoves hundreds of people to commuter town every year. Many of them need to have a close connection with the capital, but far enough away to enjoy quieter surroundings. The lure of greener spaces, fresh air and a slower pace are typical reasons for many relocations.

A lot of our customers were also saving for things like weddings and buying their first home. It’s everyone’s ambition to become a homeowner, and it’s easier to realise this goal outside of London. There were also people who were looking for a change of career, and the lower cost of living in a commuter town would help them reduce their monthly outgoings.

The Safe Removalsteam provides a service that we’d like to receive. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when we create our removalsand storagepackages and deals. No matter how big or small the job, we always put the same effort and commitment to every job. That’s why we’re the right choicefor your next relocation.

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