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Safe Removals – Our Five-Step Plan for Business Relocations

Posted on May 11, 2020 by Safe Removals
Safe Removals – Our Five-Step Plan for Business Relocations

Undertaking an office or commercial relocation in London requires planning and will take up a lot more effort and time than most business owners consider before starting. That’s why it’s crucial to get a reliable and reputable company like Safe Removals in your corner. We’ll put everything you need in place to ensure we match your needs precisely with the right removals package.

There’s a lot to take into account, so we thought it would be useful to give our customers a basic guide on how office and commercial relocations work. This five-step guide won’t cover everything, but it will help you understand how you can begin the process, in addition to adding more detail about our range of services.

Our Five-Step Plan for a Successful Business Relocation –

The first thing you should know is that there is no right or wrong approach to relocating your company. However, after working several decades in the industry, we have a good understanding of best practices, as well as some pitfalls to avoid. We always try and inform our customers and anyone following us of useful information, which we hope to achieve in this blog.

It might sound strange, but a lot of our customers often tell us that knowing where to start is difficult. With so many companies offering business removals, it’s easy to see why this is the case, especially if this is your first move. And for most business owners moving during COVID-19 lockdown, things aren’t always straightforward.

This article is a simple guide that outlines a set of tasks that will help you enjoy a successful full office or workplace relocation. It’s also vital to book with a professional removals company that has a proven track record for excellence. By booking with Safe Removals, our team will be with you at every stage, which includes planning.

One – Plan Your Business Relocation in Advance –

The more time you put into the preparation stages, the smoother the relocation will be. While this might sound a bit basic, a lot of this comes down to focus and knowing how to balance everything. Remember that you’ll also have to carry on with your home life and work duties at the same time as organising a complex relocation.

Two things will put you on the right track from the start. The first is to create a moving checklist which is a complete list of everything you need to complete. Then you’ll need to contact Safe Removals to pencil a date for your big move. Please remember to refer to your current lease to see when you can vacate your existing rental property.

Your moving checklist is the best way to keep on track of every task, and you can return to it if you get lost or lose focus on what needs to be done. Ideally, if you work backwards from your moving date, even if preliminary, to today’s date, you’ll know how long you have to organise everything. This will give you a timeline, and you can break up every individual task into smaller action points.

We appreciate that the current lockdown is going to mean last-minute relocations might be applicable. At Safe Removals, we can accommodate emergency removals jobs and will help with the planning side of things. It just means speeding the same process up, and we won’t cut corners when it comes to providing the correct service.

Two – Using Crate Hire for Additional Protection –

Safe Removals offers a complete Crate Hire service for business customers. Each crate is made from a durable, impact-tested plastic that makes up a protective casing. The primary purpose of using a crate hire service is the additional protection it offers your company’s equipment. The crates can sustain things like unexpected impact during transit without compromising the items inside.

Safe Removals has crates that are suitable for any item, with various sizes and additional features to protect fragile items. We have containers for computers, servers, office equipment and works of art, in addition to specific containers for objects with unusual shapes. We also provide bubble wrap, antistatic packaging, security seals and colour tags.

Our team will accommodate your schedule to ensure we can get the crate to you. We offer a delivery service to get the containers to you before your relocation. And should you need it, we’ll also pack everything for you. Moreover, we’ll do anything within our remit to give you more time to concentrate on the other aspects of your relocation.

Three – Man & Van or Large Removal Service –

Safe Removals Man & Van service is a popular package for Londoners who are looking for efficiency and excellent value for money. If you’re moving from one area in London across the city to another, a man and van service are typically what we suggest to our customers. We would also consider recommending this service for moves to some of the closer commuter towns near London.

One of the reasons we would make this suggestion is because of the type of vehicle concerning the volume of items. The smaller vehicles are easier to load and unpack in the more densely populated parts of London. And if our van is causing an obstruction, it’s simple enough to park somewhere else without it causing any delays with your relocation.

If your company has significantly larger pieces of office furniture or equipment, it’s usually better to transport them as they are now. Disassembling bulky machinery or servers might damage the fixings or crack the main structure. That’s why it makes more to sense to use large vans that can get the whole relocation done in one trip, which makes it time-efficient. That’s why we would recommend our Office Removals service in this scenario.

Safe Removals has a range of removals vans to choose from, which makes it possible for us to do any business relocation. We assess every aspect of your upcoming relocation in detail to ensure that we fully understand what your requirements are. This is done to make sure we can provide the correct service for our customers. And if your relocation may be more complicated than usual, we’ll send out an assessment expert to confirm your specifications.

Four – Why it Pays to Use Self Storage when Moving –

During or after your relocation, you might be looking for somewhere secure to store things like legal documents, surplus office furniture or any specialist equipment. Many of our business and commercial clients were in the same position, and it was crucial that they were able to store their items somewhere with state-of-the-art security measures. Additionally, they had space issues and were looking to avoid overcrowding their new office or workspace.

Using storage is the best way to ensure that your company’s products, equipment and materials are safe and secure. While many buildings have storage spaces, there is no guarantee that these provisions guarantee to give 100% protection from damage and theft. At Safe Removals, our storage units can resist all weather and damage issues.

Many of our previous clients take on a self storage unit prior to their relocation and move items out of the office or workplace to make extra room. Then, after they complete their move, many retain the use of their storage unit because of the additional security it offers. Furthermore, they can rely on us to keep essential documents and other valuable items offsite.

Five – Final Check Before the Big Move –

You’ll need to start packing before your big move or at least prepare notes on what needs to go where. By this point, we should have an agreement about the new office’s arrangement with your management team. So, it might also be a good idea to let us undertake the packing and unpacking for you. Our team are experts, and they understand how to handle items to ensure their safety during transit and offloading.

To do this, you can either choose the option now or contact us a week or two before the relocation. We’ll be able to discuss things like crate hire and how to protect any specialist, fragile equipment or furniture. Then we’ll have a final agreement on the chosen removal package and any other features you want to add.

You need to contact your letting agent to check everything is on track for you to move-in. You must make confirmation phone calls or emails in advance and don’t assume anything. Discuss how you’ll gain entry to the building, see if there’s an alarm system, and arrange to collect the keys. It’s likely the agent will meet with you to give you an orientation of the office and building.

By doing these final checks, you’ll feel more confident that you’ll be up and running as soon as possible. Remember to contact your suppliers and customers to inform them of your relocation. Additionally, you’ll need to assign someone the task of updating your website and social media. Also, remember to include reprinting any physical marketing with old details on.

Safe Removals – A Proven Track Record for Business and Commercial Removals –

Safe Removals has a track record of providing the best business removals and storage services in London. We’re known as the business and commercial specialists, which includes our safe removals and installation service. We have a range of core and specialist removals and related packages you won’t find anywhere else in the capital.

Our team can handle any office or commercial relocation job, regardless of size, type of office furniture or specialist equipment.  We work with larger corporations for office relocations, as well as construction companies who need site clearance. We’re flexible and can think fast, should an unusual task or problem arise.

Safe Removals – London’s Number One for Business Removals –

Safe Removals number one priority is providing the highest standard of removals and storage. Contact us today, and we’ll assess your business relocation while providing more details about our range of services.