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Specialist Safe Moving in London

Posted on April 4, 2022 by Safe Removals
Specialist Safe Moving in London

If you have a safe for your company or at home which needs to be moved, it’s essential to use the right company. Always go with a removals provider that specialises in moving safes. Although many companies will claim to be able to move any object, often, this isn’t true. The only thing that is likely to happen is damage to the safe or the surfaces around it.

Safe Removals are experts in moving all types of safes for business and domestic customers. Whether it’s a data safe, a cash safe, or even a document cabinet, we have the right equipment to move your safe properly. Don’t try to do this yourself; it’s vital you choose the right moving company to help you uninstall and transport your safe.

Why You Need a Specialist for Moving your Safe –

If you plan to move to work premises or home and have a safe or strongbox, you need to hire specialists. Due to their weight and size, trying to move a safe yourself is something to avoid. Not only could you cause damage to your property, more importantly, but you could also injure yourself or someone else. It’s very easy to lose control of a massive object when moving it, even if you have the right equipment.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing a safe to protect your belongings, it’s wise to make sure you get a professional to move it. The Safe Removals team has specialist equipment and training to uninstall any type a safe or similar item. This becomes very important to ensure that the area you’re removing the safe from doesn’t sustain damage in the process. In addition, it safeguards any employees at work or family members at home.

Regarding businesses, you might need to use a professional removals provider for compliance. Health and safety regulations tend to have strict measures to protect the well-being of workers. And if you try to cut corners and something happens, the consequences would be severe. It’s better to avoid any issues and get the experts in.

Safe Moving for Business and Domestic Customers in London –

One of the many issues that occur when moving safes is the bulk of the object itself and the location and potential obstacles. If you have a large safe on the second floor of a factory, there are various possible issues. Are the doorways wide enough to comfortably carry the safe out? What sort of equipment can fit into where the safe removal is taking place? Are the stairs to the second floor easy to navigate?

We know precisely what to do in all situations with decades worth of experience in removing safes and similar devices. We give our team the correct tools of the trade, including state-of-the-art hoists and specialist equipment. Additionally, we’ll go through any more detailed requirements, with special attention to protecting the interior and exterior features of the building.

Therefore, it’s critical that you book with Safe Removals. We offer a site survey to assess the job before either party confirms anything. That way, we can map out every potential issue and plan out a course of action. Our expert team will know what equipment they need to get the job done on time and without damage.

Site Clearance and Handling Objects up to Two Tons –

There tend to be two scenarios where people and businesses contact us when they need to uninstall and move a safe device. The first is typically when moving to another house or building, which requires no explanation. The second is when the safe itself has a problem, or you’re replacing it, meaning you aren’t relocating. For either reason, it’s essential to have a clear space to work in.

Safe Removals has a Site Clearance service ideal for all types of safe installation and removal jobs. You’ll have our team of professionals who will perform any kind of office, commercial or domestic clearance. They’ll strip and dismantle any object with minimal fuss and within any agreed completion times. We’ll plan and coordinate with you in advance to avoid disruption.

Then there’s the primary reason for using us, which is of critical importance. We can safely handle any items up to a limit of two tons in weight, and we avoid half measures. You can imagine why this is crucial for things like the safety of everyone in the immediate area. But it takes state-of-the-art equipment and tools to perform this correctly.

Truthfully, most removals companies don’t have access to them, and they might try and use unsuitable hoists and pulleys. That’s because this specialist gear is expensive, tricky to maintain, and even more challenging to operate. Don’t settle for any less than the best when moving a safe – contact us directly to go through your requirements.

Thorough Assessment and Pre-Approval Site Visit –

You’ll no doubt understand that removing and transporting a safe is no small feat. It takes consummate planning and expertise to perform the installation process at both ends. The Safe Removals team will ask you to provide us with information about the safe. Then we’ll arrange a site visit where we can complete the assessment and evaluation process.

We’ll likely take photos and sketches to do a dry run of how to hoist the safe after uninstalling it safely. One thing that most removals companies don’t factor into their plan is access limitations. Doorways and interior walls can be problematic if they’re too narrow. That’s when we’ll have to consider other points of departure and whether we have to take any more involved action.

We won’t sign off on the job until we’re confident that a thorough assessment is signed off, and everyone agrees. From there, we’ll agree on arrival and completion times to suit your schedule. Much like any industry, we aim to reduce downtime and avoid delays. That’s the high standards of service delivery you can expect from us. You’ll always receive nothing but honest and transparent information before we confirm your job.

Insist on the Highest Standard of Customer Service –

It’s a good idea to look for value when looking for a service provider to keep within your operating budget. We always suggest getting at least three quotes from separate companies. This gives you a better idea of the range of costs for this type of service. But it’s crucial that you also do more due diligence for any prospective removals company.

Quality of service is just as, if not more, necessary, and you’ll need to do some research. We can’t stress this enough – uninstalling, moving, and reinstalling safes can be dangerous. You can’t do this yourself because of the risks to personal safety and potentially damaging interior walls. However, you need to vet each potential removals company thoroughly and comprehensively.

Check what equipment they have and if they respond with answers about lifting capacity limits. We can handle up to two tons, and they should have this information readily available. It also requires a team of experts with intimate knowledge of these bulky objects. Skipping over this could lead to health and safety issues, not to mention unnecessary risks.

While you’re scrutinising their range of services, look at their ratings on Google and Trustpilot. A reputable company will make it straightforward to find their ratings on their website. You can access reviews from previous customers to see what their experiences were. Then you have everything at hand to make an informed decision.

Safe Removals – We Can Handle Any Safe –

Safe Removals is London’s number one for moving business and home safes, and we can move any type of safe. Data safes, cash safes, fire-proof cabinets, strong boxes, document cabinets – we do it all. Our team can even move security doors and other heavy-duty security items if it’s under two tons. We can also dispose of any wanted safes or things for you.

Our household and businesses customers have the peace of mind that professionals handle their safety. Let’s face it, the reason for getting a safe was for protection. That’s why professionals must oversee removing and installing the safe in its new location.

Safe Removals is widely known for its ties to companies in London. That’s because our business customers can rely on us. They know we’ll turn up on time and complete everything to strict deadlines. We plan everything out in minute detail before we start.

Contact us today to discuss moving your company or home’s safe, and we’ll provide you with a free quote to compare.