Specialist Safe Moving in London

Posted on January 19, 2018 by Safe Removals
Specialist Safe Moving in London

If you have a safe for your company or at home which needs to be moved, it’s essential to use the right company. Always go with a removals provider that specialises in safe moving. Although a lot of companies will claim to be able to move any object, often, this isn’t true. The only thing that is likely to happen is damage to the safe or the surfaces around it.

Safe Removals are experts in moving all types of safes for business and domestic customers. Whether it’s a data safe, a cash safe, or even a document cabinet, we have the right equipment to move your safe properly.

Why You Need a Specialist for Moving your Safe –

If you plan on moving work premises or home and you have a safe or strong box, then you need to hire specialists. Due to their weight and size, trying to move a safe yourself is something to avoid. Not only could you cause damage to your property, more importantly, but you could also injure yourself or someone else. It’s very easy to lose control of a massive object when moving it, even if you have the right equipment.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing a safe to protect your belongings, it’s wise to make sure you get a professional to move it. The Safe Removals team have specialist equipment and training to uninstall and type of safe or similar item. This becomes very important to ensure that the area you’re removing the safe from doesn’t sustain damage in the process. In addition, it safeguards any employees at work or family members at home.

Safe Moving for Business and Domestic Customers in London –

One of the many issues that occur when moving safes is not only the bulk of the safe itself but the location and potential obstacles. If you have a large safe that’s on the second floor of a factory, there are various possible issues. Are the doorways wide enough to comfortably carry the safe out? What sort of equipment can fit into where the safe removals are taking place? Are the stairs to the second floor easy to navigate?

Therefore, it’s critical that you book with Safe Removals. We offer a site survey where to assess the job before either party confirms anything. That way, we can map out every potential issue and plan out a course of action. Our expert team will know what equipment they need to get the job done on time and without any damage.


Safe Removals – We Can Move Any Safe –

Safe Removals is London’s number one for moving business and home safes, and we can move any type of safe. Data safes, cash safes, fire-proof cabinets, strong boxes, document cabinets – we do it all. We can even move security doors and other heavy-duty security items, as long as it’s under two-tonnes. We can also dispose of any wanted safes or things for you.

Our home customers have the peace of mind that professionals are handling their safe. Let’s face it, the reason for getting a safe was for protection. That’s why it’s essential that professionals oversee removing and installing the safe in its new location.

Safe Removals is widely known for its ties to businesses in London. That’s because our business customers can rely on us. They know we’ll turn up on time and we’ll complete everything to strict deadlines. We plan everything out in minute detail before we start.

Contact us today to discuss moving your company or home’s safe.