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Starting a New Business Venture in London

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Safe Removals
Starting a New Business Venture in London

2020 has been a problematic and disruptive year for Londoners, both for households and companies. It might seem inconceivable to begin a new business venture now with so much uncertainty surrounding everything. However, for some, it’s more a necessity to look for work, whether that’s through job security or losing your position during the pandemic.

Safe Removals is proud of our links to the business community in London, and we work hard to keep up to date with any new developments. Here’s our guide for people who are reconsidering their career and pondering their own business venture in London.

Is Now the Right Time to Start a Business?

At one time or another, we all think about where we are in our career, possibly because of remembering previous ambitions. This might lead you to start to make some proactive changes, like aiming for a promotion and progress with your current employer. If this isn’t possible, there are always other companies which are actively looking for new talent.

The pandemic threw a spanner in the works, and we’re now in unprecedented times where nothing is certain anymore. Once stable businesses are now shutting down or going on hiatus, with lots of people previously on furlough schemes now without jobs. Even before the lockdown, there weren’t many available jobs.

This might sound ridiculous to suggest starting a business now, but it might be the perfect time to do it. These things do take time, so there’s an option to start planning now to have something to build towards. If Covid-19 has any positives, one is stop doubting yourself and to seize opportunities. Ask yourself this question; is it time to be the boss?

Tips on Building Ideas and Reducing Risks –

Let’s assume you’re at the beginning of this journey and creating your business venture is just now becoming a feasible consideration. How do you even start? Everything begins with a concept and brainstorming which you then flesh out in more detail. You might already have some ideas for products or services.

A business plan is a founding document for your business, regardless of what sector you work in. You’ll need to start one now, even during the planning stages of your company. This isn’t a static document, but one the develops as you add new sections, refine after research, and continue to edit as you gain experience.

The SWOT analysis section is where you identify any risks present to your specific industry and enterprise. If your business concept has any weaknesses, you can plan around them before they happen. Thinking of contingency measures is essential preparation for any new business owner or entrepreneur, as you’ll feel a sense of calm going forward.

If you’re seeking funding or investment, it’s vital you give assurances to would-be business partners. A thorough business plan is getting your foot in the door when it comes to funding. You’re showing commitment and professionalism from the start. Additionally, you’ll know your business inside out, helping you make big decisions with a sense of confidence.

Moving Checklists are Needed for All Relocations –

There’s an old saying that time is money, which can be reworked to help frame what makes for a favourable relocation. Generally, if you feel like you have lots of time to sort things out, you’re probably in for a few nasty surprises. Timing is everything when it comes to moving, especially if something goes wrong and you’re left scrambling around for solutions.

For anyone new to business and is looking for their first premises, it’s worth remembering you’ll have a lot of handle. Trying to balance your family life and work schedule is hard enough, especially if you’re also starting a new company. It’s easy to lose focus and miss a task here and there, which is why errors and mistakes begin to happen. This is why a moving checklist is your safety net, ready to catch you when you fall into bad habits.

It can organise and ground you, letting you refocus by referring back to your list. And your first action should be booking with Safe Removals, and our team can assist with the planning and preparation stage. We’ll map every step of your move in detail, making sure we take every aspect into account. Typically, it takes an average time of two or three months to market and sell a property, and that’s without any preparation or renovation work.

With this in mind, it’s always better to give yourself plenty of time to take potential delays or issues into account. If you prepare thoroughly, there’s no reason to worry about any bumps in the road. And Safe Removals will be here, should you need to discuss any details with us as you organise your relocation.

Consider Alternative Office and Workspaces –

There are several options available if you’re looking to keep your outgoings to a minimum. We would advise adopting this mindset for the first year or two, while you build your brand. One of our first tips is to try and share office space with similar companies or enterprises. You might know people who are looking to create their own start-up. What better way to keep the rental overheads low by sharing workspace with like-minded entrepreneurs?

There are also coworking spaces available all over London. It’s still a popular choice for freelancers who need somewhere to work without the burden of a lease. These coworking spaces are in the trendier parts of London. And you will often find a decent barista inside the venue for your morning cup of inspiration.

You can also consider setting up an office at home to save on rental costs. Why pay rent twice when you can utilise or convert a room at home? If you need to, you can always use storage for your filing, products, and equipment. And many people are still remote working now, as a consequence of the pandemic lockdown. This will likely continue as businesses look to reduce any unnecessary costs.

A lot of start-ups use self storage units as an alternative office or workspace. Safe Removals works with several clients from all sectors doing this, including creatives and e-commerce traders. Storage is far cheaper than commercial rental prices in London. And it’s crucial you run a lean enterprise while you gradually move towards a sustainable level of cash flow.

Keep the Budget Lean at the Beginning –

You’ll soon hear lots of start-up lingo as you begin networking and joining online groups and forums. The concept of a lean start-up is one with fewer overheads and a more manageable budget. From the perspective of a potential investor, it’s also a buzzword for people who don’t want to outlay lots of initial capital.

Even if your idea turns a few investor’s heads, they’ll want more for less. That’s often why successful businesspeople make inroads. You’ll have to be patient and choose business partners wisely, rather than thinking solely about funding. It’s a balancing act, and you’ll need to be smart about it while being cautiously optimistic. Additionally, it would help if you did some research on small business funding schemes.

In-house vs outsourcing is a budget consideration you’ll need to make a decision on as you prepare. Again, we return to the maxim – time is money, and you need to evaluate your current skills honestly. The more you can do yourself will keep costs down, but this also means more tasks for you to take on. And learning a new competency will eat into your schedule, likely at a financial cost.

Our advice is to gain new knowledge but keep it manageable. Try to avoid over-extending your weekly action points. Start networking now and build up a contact list before you launch. If you’re currently working, remember to set aside a percentage of your monthly salary for your initial cash flow. You’ll need to have some form of salary when you launch your start-up.

Partner with a Reliable Removals Company –

For any new business, things can seem confusing, even if you’re already past the planning and launch of your start-up. You’re essentially learning from the seat of your pants, navigating unknown territory. Luckily, there’s a way to find a reputable removals company to help guide you through specific aspects of running a business.

Rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide online users with information from previous customers and a mark out of five stars. You can see their rating and comments to weigh up if a company is genuine and reliable. It’s also possible to work out whether you’ll receive a high standard of service from these previous customer write-ups.

Our online reviews can provide you with evidence of a high standard of customer service. We’re BAR accredited, which is the removals standard of protection for customers. We’re also a member of the Master Removers Group – an elite collective of companies that form an unbeatable network of customer service.

The Safe Removals team are highly skilled experts in removals and storage. Every removals job we undertake is done by people with consummate knowledge and experience in removals and usually other trades. Accordingly, we supply our team with all the modern equipment and removal’s tools to ensure they can deliver the best service possible.

Safe Removals – London’s Business Removals Experts –

Safe Removals works hard to be the number one for business removals and storage in London. We’re known as the business and commercial specialists; with an unbeatable range of services you won’t find anywhere else in the capital. Moreover, we make a point of passing on useful information where it benefits new companies.

The Safe Removals team moves hundreds of companies in London and the surrounding areas every year. We are the company in London that delivers on our promises. Our team are punctual, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Moreover, we work to strict deadlines to ensure we complete on time.

Asking for a quote is something we encourage any potential customer to do, which applies to any service you need. The Safe Removals team stands by the concept of a free, no-obligation quotation, and you’ll always be left to decide whether we fit your needs. For us, providing a high standard of customer service starts and ends with respect and courtesy.

If you’re planning on starting a new business in London, please contact us today. We have the right business and commercial removals services to help you begin your new enterprise.