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Storage Options for Businesses Shutting over Christmas and New Year

Posted on December 22, 2020 by Safe Removals
Storage Options for Businesses Shutting over Christmas and New Year

It often feels like the closer we get to Christmas, more things spring up and we end up having a seemingly endless ‘to-do’ list. If you’re closing up your business for the festive season, you’ll have plenty of things to worry about before you can relax. For some small businesses, adequate storage is an issue, and there might be concerns about leaving goods and tools unattended. Is there a way to protect your company’s products or equipment?

For any business owners who are taking a short break for the holidays, the affordable way to safeguard your items is by using storage. Safe Removals is London’s business and commercial experts, and we have a range of storage options available. You’ll have to be quick though, as Christmas day is within touching distance. 

Storage Options for Businesses Shutting over Christmas and New Year

Many small businesses are fulfilling final orders before Christmas, with some working up until Christmas Eve to make sure orders go out. Many will only reopen the second week of January. A few of our customers had concerns about theft or damage occurring during this time. While many have decent alarm systems and insurance, neither provision is a guarantee.

Without a doubt, the best way to give yourself that higher level of preventative action is by renting a self storage unit. There’s no safer way to store your work equipment and goods than storage. At Safe Removals, we have a variety of choices for businesses in London. This covers people who need regular access, while others require a long-term option.

What’s more, we can arrange to collect your items and transport them to our depot. We’ll pack everything and you get on with other last-minute preparations. We have storage packages to suit all budgets, and we’re still accepting new jobs, although our opening hours will change for the holidays. Don’t let worry ruin your Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Get in touch, and we’ll match you up with the ideal storage service.

Using Business Self Storage for Goods and Tools –

When it comes to storage and removals, most companies cover the basics and have a generally decent standard of work. The thing that sets us apart is our specific focus on how this applies to businesses in London. We work with clients from just about every sector you can think of, and we will accommodate any specifications.

One critical aspect of working at the highest level of business storage is scale and having the capacity to switch from small business up to large corporations. We achieve this by having a selection of storage units at our disposal, and we can upgrade or downsize you to a different package if your situation changes.

There’s always a Safe Removals member of staff on hand to assist you with loading or unpacking. We encourage feedback because it helps us improve our services and builds lasting relationships with our customers. Our team has a proven track record and an unbeatable level of industry knowledge and expertise. By working with us, you’ll receive the highest standard of customer service.

Crate Hire & Office Clearance Services Available –

Whether we’re relocating an entire business to a new office or storing a retail shop’s stock, we always plan in detail. That’s how we reach the best possible result; by ensuring our customers’ tools or stock is in perfect condition. There’s no amount of damage we consider acceptable and the way to avoid it is with the correct amount of preparation.

Some objects require an additional level of protection, especially if they’re fragile or valuable. And we often work with businesses who entrust us with specialist medical apparatus or complex IT equipment. That’s why we have a dedicated Crate Hire service, for those business owners who don’t want to risk any issues with their assets.

We have containers of all shapes and sizes, made from the sturdiest, impact-tested materials. Moreover, all Safe Removals teams have the right equipment to secure our crates during transportation. This includes wheeled carriers, blankets, rope ties and boxes. You can be confident that your goods, materials, and equipment will be safe and secure when we’re moving everything to your storage unit.

Additionally, we offer office and site clearance service in London and the surrounding areas. If you need us to clear everything out before shutting up, we’ll send in a fast and efficient team. Safe Removals has a strict recycling protocol, which covers office refuse, electronics, and printer cartridges. We’ll complete the clearance on time and on budget, with a minimal level of disruption.

Emergency Removal and Storage Operations –

During the first lockdown, a lot of businesses in London learned some hard lessons about sudden shifts in their operations. For many, it was a struggle to meet their outgoings as bills piled up, and income went down. A lot of companies simply couldn’t keep it up, and it was necessary to inquire with us for an emergency relocation, which often came with a need for storage.

In these scenarios, the luxury of planning goes out of the window, and you need to organise a relocation straight away. Luckily, we have the capacity to accept last-minute relocations and storage jobs. We still go through an assessment process, even for emergencies. From there, we will suggest a holistic service, including a free, no-obligation quote.

At Safe Removals, we have a range of business storage and additional services on offer. If you find yourself in a desperate situation, the best thing to do is call us straight away. We’re here to assist you at every stage, which includes arranging to collect your items for storage. Our removals and storage packages combine into one service, which is essential for last-minute bookings.

Preparing Your Business for 2021 –

As we start to wind-down from what’s been a strange year, there’s a mountain to climb in 2021 to get back on track. It will naturally take some time for companies to recoup losses and start making a profit again. But this is the perfect opportunity to make changes to your business, which might help you reduce some of your costs.

You can bring about real change by trimming or cutting unnecessary expenses, such as car or vehicle hire. Safe Removals works with several businesses, managing their distribution and stock management. This means we’ll take on your collections and deliveries, in addition to warehousing everything at our depot.

It’s also possible to move your stock and equipment to one of our storage units. We have retail clients who want to relocate their business to another property. They can rent a modest shop in a location with more passing customers or downsize to lower their monthly rental costs. Some start-ups and entrepreneurs use our storage units as alternative offices, which is drastically cheaper than London’s average commercial rent prices.

Tips on Staying Safe During the Holidays –

You must keep up with the latest updates and information on Covid-19, especially ones that are relevant to your area of London. Remember, you should only reshare information from credible sources that are factually correct. For practical advice on how to best avoid contracting the virus, you can check out the NHS website.

Please keep up to date with advice on preventative measures, such as using face masks, hand sanitiser and soap. Social distancing is vital to preventing the spread of this coronavirus. Please remember to keep a safe distance from other people if you have to leave your home. Furthermore, try and limit your outings to once a week and consider options for things like home deliveries.

Covid-19 transmits via respiratory droplets or spray, and it’s not always through close contact. That’s why social distancing is so effective, in addition to wearing masks. There’s evidence to suggest it remains viable for many hours on surfaces as well. You should regularly clean surfaces and objects in your home, especially ones where multiple people touch. This is doorknobs, countertops, keyboards, toys, mobile phones, and bank cards.

Safe Removals – Helping Your Company Prepare for Christmas and New Year in London –

From everyone at Safe Removals, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s prepare for a prosperous 2021 and remember to take stock of what’s important. If nothing else, this awful year has some lessons for us all to take forward. And we’re here to help London’s business community get back on its collective feet again.

Safe Removals is London’s business experts, and we have decades of experience under our belt. We work with businesses from every sector you can think of, often for specialist services no one else can offer. We’re ready to help you safeguard work equipment and goods when you take so much needed downtime this festive season.

If you’re thinking of ways to protect your work items while you close down for Christmas, please contact us today. We’ll go through your situation and provide you with the most suitable storage package.