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Office Relocation and Professional Cleaning Services in London

Posted on August 30, 2018 by Safe Removals
Tips for Moving House in London The wait is over! The lease or mortgage contract is signed, and the final payments have been made. You're now ready to prepare for your upcoming relocation in London, and things are all happening at once. This is where things start to get a bit confusing as you balance several different things at the same time. After all, life keeps ticking by, work duties pile up, and there's family time to keep as a priority. The best way to keep on top of everything is to have a reliable removals company in your corner. Safe Removals understand how challenging moving to a new home can be. We have a dedicated team of movers who know what it’s like to be in that position. That's why we go to lengths to make this a smooth and stress-free transition. A Simple Guide for Relocating in London – When the initial buzz of getting the move over the line fades, you'll know that there's work to do. This is where people feel a sense of dread. It can feel overwhelming with so much to do, especially if you're taking the lead on organising everything. Not to worry – you can relieve your concerns with one simple action and solve several things in one swoop. Using a moving company with a top reputation is a problem solver covering various parts of your relocation. You will be able to hand over the packing and overseeing duties to us. If you're already facing a juggling act to manage everything, you're in luck because Safe Removals does it all. We have a flawless track record for customer service. The goal for us is to make this as straightforward a process as possible. Wherever we can, we'll keep things simple and help unburden you. When complications arise, we'll do everything in our power to sort them out. Let's start with the benefits of using a moving checklist and how to go about putting one together. We'll also give you an example of one to work from. It All Starts with a Moving Checklist – You'll most likely hear about the necessity of planning on most removals blogs. It's something we try to speak about whenever possible and will repeat wherever we can. But there needs to be something to anchor everything in place and also be easy to reference. What's the best way to keep on top of the relocation without getting lost? A moving checklist is a smart way of doing this, and it's something everyone should consider testing out. You list every single task and tick them off as you make progress. Additionally, you add to it more as you go through the process and remove any irrelevant ones. Furthermore, you can use a calendar as well to calculate exact days until the big moving day. No matter how chaotic things seem, the moving checklist will bring you back to a place where you're focused. We encourage you to add notes and possibly make an Excel document if you want to go all out when organising. Setting deadlines and assigning actionable items per week will prompt you and also push you forwards. It's also a good idea to split larger tasks into smaller, more manageable points. Declutter and Get Rid of Things You Don't Use – This might sound like an obvious thing to suggest, but it's one aspect most homeowners and tenants rarely take inventory of. It's more common than many will admit until they're packing up and find boxes and containers full of miscellaneous items. The problem is, the following action is to add these old items that you're moving with. We're going to ask you to consider doing something differently, and that's to declutter and get rid of things you no longer use. Create three categories – keep because you use regularly; possibly keep due to occasional usage; rarely or never use, where you'll sell or donate. By doing this, you'll avoid taking your problems with you and retaining things pointlessly. You might also save money if you reduce the volume significantly. Once you begin decluttering, it's a good idea to make it a regular habit, possibly doing this once every other month. The Safe Removals team are big fans of repurposing, reusing, and recycling. We reuse moving boxes and materials whenever they're in good condition. However, once there's no purpose, it's time to repurpose or recycle. Take Meter Readings and Contact Suppliers – Another favourite topic for things people forgets to do when moving is updating your new address. Informing service providers is a crucial part of your relocation. If you don't, you might get a nasty surprise when a gas and electric bill arrives. Even more so if you don't inform your local municipality and they send demands for council tax. The first thing you should do is record the meter readings when you inform your gas and electric supplier of your moving day. Then you repeat the process on the day you leave, with photo evidence. This will prevent you from having any responsibility for new charges. And you can leave the contact details for the provider for the new owner or tenant. To make sure you cover everyone, put together a list of service providers. A tip will be to go through your post and emails. Think of this as anyone who has your confidential information. To give you a few examples – your GP, any healthcare practitioners, opticians, council, bank(s), insurance providers, to name a few. Send them your new address to forward any mail and to prevent anything from going to your old address. Use Self Storage as a Backup Plan – It doesn't happen all that often (thankfully), but there are times where you need a backup plan. Gaps in moving dates occur for any number of reasons, and it catches people off-guard. It makes matters worse if you're already in the process of moving out of your current property. If this happens, you might start panicking and desperately contact everyone you know to store your furniture. Fortunately, there's no need to do this – contact us at Safe Removals, and we'll take care of everything. We have a range of storage options to choose from, catering to domestic and business customers. Within a matter of hours, we can securely store your belongings, should the need arise. And we can also arrange to collect your items. While you deal with any issues, we'll make sure your valuables are safe and secure. There's no minimum storage contract period to worry about. We have a 'store as long as you need to' approach to self storage. We have excellent security measures in place, with 24/7 CCTV coverage and individual locks. The ultimate level of protection for your possessions while you deal with any problems. Safe Removals – Helping Londoners Enjoy a Stress-Free Move – It's no secret that moving can be an uphill battle to get right, even for experienced movers. But when you have a steadfast removals company in your corner, there's nothing to worry about. The Safe Removals has a team of experts who know how to organise and manage a relocation. We'll happily oversee everything, with storage available for any delays. The main thing here is that your move will be less stressful and is more likely to end with the desired results. That's because you can delegate tasks to us, and we'll take the lead. Our customer service is a badge of pride, which includes a quality policy. The result will be an enjoyable movie with no breakages to concern yourself with. To discuss our range of removals and storage options or to chat about more moving, click here. We'll gladly go over anything in more detail and provide you with a free quote.

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