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Take the stress out of moving home with Safe Removals

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Safe Removals

by Alex Mierzejewski www.saferemovals.co.uk 020 8888 3917

Never underestimate the amount of physical and mental organisation it takes to move the contents of your home to a new one. Packing boxes is one thing, but lugging them in and out of vans and up and down stairs is another, and can be extremely exhausting, especially if you’re on a tight deadline to vacate the property. If you have a sizeable amount to shift, or lots of valuable items, such as antique furniture or fragile pieces, it’s best to choose a removal company to take the burden off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on organising the rest of your move. Be aware that moving house at peak times, such as Saturdays and during school holidays, will be more expensive, as demand is usually very high at these times. If you can, try and arrange to move on a normal weekday when it might be cheaper.

Packing up a house full of possessions is involved and is time consuming. Paying a bit extra for professional help is usually well worthwhile.

Try estimating if the new place will have enough space to put all your belongings at once, If not then it might be worth considering sending some items to storage for a few months while you sort out where everything is going to be placed in your new home.

Where will the removal lorry park? You will need to consider the availability of parking at your existing property and at your new property. If there is likely to be any inconvenience to your neighbors then it may be prudent to give them prior warning. This will also be a good opportunity to knock on the doors of your new neighbors and introduce yourself.

Don’t get stressed by worrying about the endless list of jobs that will need to be done. Just steadily work your way through it step by step and focus on the fact that you will complete the process eventually.

Safe Removals offers a dependable home removal service for customers of every type and budget, and operates across London. Removals are fully insured, and carefully planned and managed from start to finish, including advance parking permits for all locations.