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The Advantages of Hiring Crates for Removals and Storage in London

Posted on February 1, 2020 by Safe Removals
The Advantages of Hiring Crates for Removals and Storage in London

When it comes to moving home, the assumption that many people have is that their possessions will arrive in good condition. They then base their decision on using a removals company on price and location, typically the cheapest and closest provider. At Safe Removals, we believe that it’s possible to get the best of both situations. We’re an affordable company that takes excellent care of your belongings.

And that’s why we have a crate hire service available to provide an additional level of security from damage.

How Does Crate Hire Work and Is It Worth Doing?

If you’re not familiar with how or what a removals crate hire service is, we have put together some easy to follow points in this section. Safe Removals’ Crate Hire service includes the following:

  • Full crate hire service available, with options for every shape and size, for any purpose and however many you need
  • We can deliver the container to you before the move, or you can collect them yourself
  • Packing service available if you’d like us to undertake this for you

As part of our extensive range of service, Safe Removals offers a complete crate hire service for domestic and business customers. But what is a crate exactly? Each Safe Removals crate is made from a durable, impact-tested plastic that makes up a protective casing. And to put things in simple terms – their purpose is to withstand any instances of contact while the removal’s van is in transit.

Safe Removals has crates that are suitable for any item, regardless of size or if they’re fragile. This includes crates for computers, servers, office equipment and works of art, in addition to specific containers for objects with unusual shapes. We also provide bubble wrap, antistatic packaging, security seals and colour tags.

Our team will accommodate your schedule to ensure we can get the crate to you. We offer a delivery service to get the crates to you before your relocation. And should you need it, we’ll also pack everything for you. Moreover, we’ll do anything within our remit to give you more time to concentrate on the other aspects of your relocation.

Finding the Right Removal Service for You –

Safe Removals’ Man & Van service is one of the most packages for Londoners who are looking for efficiency and excellent value for money. One of the reasons we would make this suggestion is because of the type of vehicle matches the volume of items. The smaller vehicles are easier to load and offload in the more densely populated parts of London. And if our van is causing an obstruction, it’s simple enough to park somewhere else without it causing any delays with your relocation.

For people with more items or significantly larger pieces of furniture, it’s usually better to transport them in one journey. This is where we will suggest using our Home Removals service, which gives us options for bigger vehicles. Additionally, this means we don’t have to disassemble oak wardrobes and similar furniture which avoid any damage the fixings or crack the main structure.

When you contact us, our team will begin an assessment of your requirements. From here, we’ll provide you with a free quotation. Safe Removals has a range of removals vans to choose from, which makes it possible for us to do any removals job. We have various sizes of removals vehicles at our disposal, as well as the best removals equipment and tools.

Safe Removals – London’s Crate Hire and Removals Experts –

Safe Removals work with thousands of individuals and businesses in London every year. For many of them, their possessions or goods must be free from damage or breakages. And even with the best organisation or planning, moving and transporting items from one location to another entails a lot of potential impacts. That’s why our crate hire service is so popular.

The Safe Removals team will assess every aspect of your upcoming relocation in detail to ensure that we fully understand your requirements. We do this to make sure we can provide the correct service for our customers. We will suggest using our industrial strength crates in certain situations if we feel that additional care is necessary. And we’ll also do all the packing of the crates for you.

If you’re planning an upcoming relocation and you think that crates would be useful, contact us today. We discuss our crate hire service in more detail, including the different option that are available.