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The Benefits of Man & Van and Storage for London’s Landlords

Posted on September 29, 2018 by Safe Removals
The Benefits of Man & Van and Storage for London’s Landlords

Being a landlord in London is a job that will always keep you on your toes and sharp of mind to tackle any issues.It’s a balancing act that requires a lot of problem-solving and fast-thinking. Especially for landlords who have two or more properties to manage in London. That’s why it’s essential to partner with the right company when you’re looking for a way to move and store furniture and equipment.

Safe Removalsworks with several landlords in London on a regular basis, providing them with various removals and storage options to help them with daily duties. That’s why we understand what life as a landlord is like. And it’s also why we know what type of servicesa successful landlord uses. We always recommend our man & van and storage packages to new landlords because they’re the most popular with working professionals in this sector.

Why Landlords Love Using Man & Van Services –

Safe Removals has a range of business packagesthat make us the number one company in London for landlords. We know this from working with hundreds of landlords, and we know what type of services they usually choose. And many landlords and property developers use our man & vanand storage services.

One of the benefits of working with Safe Removals is our affordable prices and high standard of service. By using a man and vanservice, landlords have a vehicle available to collect and deliver furniture without purchasing a van. This is ideal for people who are just starting out and are trying to avoid investing large sums of money.

At Safe Removals, we try and create a balancebetween affordability and providing a variety of business services. When using us for a man and van service you only pay for the time you use. Additionally, you have the use of two Safe Removals team member to help you pack and unload at your chosen destination.

How Storage Can Be Your Home Base in London –

One issue some landlords face is the lack of storage space for furniture and equipment. While some may have enough properties to warrant renting a warehouse or large commercial building, it might not make financial sense. That’s where commercial storagebecomes essential.

Safe Removals has lots of storage unitsavailable for business and domestic customers of various sizes. You can use a storage unit to store any furniture you’re repairing or have as surplus, as well as any tools and other equipment. It’s also possible to put a desk and computer in your unit to use for your admin work.

Renting a storage unit from Safe Removals is far cheaper than commercial spaces in London by some way. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about a twelve-month lease, which makes it far more flexible. You can upgrade or downsize your storage unit whenever you need to. It’s also easy to link our man and van and storage services for unloading furniture and other items.

Safe Removals – The Number One Company for London’s Landlords –

Safe Removalsworks with hundreds of landlords and people in similar professions every year in London. It’s a sector that is easier to enter into for those who may have little to no experience, but this also means a need for practical assistance and partnerships. We see a lot of new landlords with schemeslike buy to rent making it possible to purchase one or more properties.

Over the years we notice certain trends in what our customers need for their businesses, which is why we recommend a man and van and storage packages. It’s an excellent way to get your foot in the door in this industry without having to outlay a significant amount of money for a work’s van or commercial rental costs.

At Safe Removals, customer serviceis of paramount importance. It influences every package we create and service we provide. We have a range of business services that make us the right company to work with. Before you know it, you’ll be part of the capital’s letting market.

If you want to discuss our business packages in more detail, contact ustoday. We’ll gladly run through the regular services our current landlord clients use in London.