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Tips for Packing to Avoid Breakages and Damage

Posted on July 29, 2019 by Safe Removals
Tips for Packing to Avoid Breakages and Damage

When it’s time to start preparing to move to a new house, packing boxes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is why it often gets left until the last week before the relocation. That might be because it feels like a never-ending chore that soon becomes tedious and overwhelming. And that’s when we consider cutting corners to get it all done as quickly as possible. However, it’s better to take your time and complete an inventory as you go, rather than rush into things.

Whatever you do, you should give yourself plenty of time by starting to do some things early, such as decluttering and starting an inventory. If you plough into things, the likely outcome will be breakages and damage, which is preventable if you do things thoroughly. Take the time to catalogue every item and put notes on each box as you pack; it will make things much easier when you unpack. Alternatively, you can always get the Safe Removals team to do the packing for you to make sure it’s done professionally.

Advice When Packing for a Relocation in London –

While there are many different ways to organise the packing of your possessions, there is one thing that will help you more than most. If you give yourself plenty of time to plan and sort through all your items, you can remove any clutter and reduce the number of boxes. This will make it easier to unpack, you’ll begin life in your new home without unused items, and you may even save money on your removal’s quote.

If you have expensive or fragile pieces, such as art or electronics, you’ll need to make sure you pack them with additional care. These items will require extra packaging and kept away from the rest of the furniture during your move. You should clearly mark any important notes on the box with a label, including a visible fragile sticker. All glass items should have several layers of bubble wrap and put into a box with lots of cushioning.

No matter how many boxes, items of furniture and appliances you’re moving with, you must make an inventory of your possessions. You can do this with pen and paper if you like, but we would suggest something more modern, such as a home inventory app. Inventories are lifesavers when you start unpacking. You can also use them for insurance purposes and to send to our team so that we can assign the correct removals package for you.

DIY or Letting the Professionals Pack Everything?

Safe Removals moves thousands of people in London and the surrounding areas every month, often working in the surrounding counties and other large towns and cities nearby. We do all types of removals – both big or small jobs for people and businesses. The vital component of why we’re one of London’s most popular removals companies is our ability to provide them with the right service for their needs.

Every stage of the relocation process is important, but some play a pivotal role when successfully making an efficient removal. And it all comes down to the packing of your possessions. Luckily for our customers, we have a team of removals experts with decades worth of packing experience. This is critical when avoiding any unnecessary breakages or damages. Unfortunately, it’s something that a lot of lesser removals companies get wrong, and it results in a poor level of customer service.

The Safe Removals team works hard to ensure that our service delivery is excellent. And it all starts with how we pack items and furniture. That’s why so many of our customers use our dedicated Packing Service. By having our expert team handle the packing side of things, you’re free to carry on with other aspects of your relocation. And more importantly, your home life and work schedule.

Safe Removals – London’s Number One for Removals and Packing Services –

Safe Removals is London’s favourite removals and storage company for home and business clients. Our priority is to provide the best customer service possible, as well as offering competitive rates for our services. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a better standard of removals service.  And if you require somewhere secure for your possessions, we also have excellent storage packages.

The Safe Removals team relocates tens of thousands of people every year in London and the surrounding areas.  We like to build relationships with our customers so that they use our company for future moves or storage. Our team have years of experience when it comes to removals and storage. And one aspect that’s crucial to us is packing each van properly. For this reason, we not only get repeat customers; they often refer us to friends, family and colleagues.

Safe Removals has a variety of vehicles for any size relocation, and we have the right removals equipment. No two objects are the same. That means they all need different sorts of packaging, and they need to be transported differently. Our expert team will do everything possible to make sure that your belongings are in perfect condition when you arrive at your new location.

If you’re looking for advice on packing correctly or you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, contact us today. We’ll go into more details about our dedicated Packing service and any other inquiries.