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Top Tips for Moving Home During the Lockdown in London

Posted on February 2, 2021 by Safe Removals
Top Tips for Moving Home During the Lockdown in London

The lockdown doesn’t seem like ending any time soon, even with the welcome prospect of vaccinations now taking place. With cases rising, it makes sense but will result in more anxiety for people who are planning a move. Is it possible to relocate during the pandemic? Or is this something which needs to be postponed?

The answer is yes, you can move home or workplace during the lockdown, and Safe Removals are still performing relocations. There are a few things to be mindful of, but we’ll guide you through each stage of the process. We can also take on emergency jobs if you find yourself in a sticky situation and need a last-minute relocation.

Booking a Removals Service During the Lockdown –

We can’t speak for other removals providers, but we’re still working all over Greater London every day and have no plans on reducing our operations. This includes people and businesses from the neighbouring counties, as well as for national relocations. Safe Removals’ vans are on the road every day, providing necessary, sometimes urgent removals services.

It’s important to state this because we’re receiving a lot of inquiries from people who have concerns about a booked removals job. Naturally, the fact there’s a lockdown in place makes them worried about us cancelling their move. We want to reassure everyone that it’s business as usual, which won’t be affected by the possibility of a lockdown extension.

People may need emergency relocations, storage, or related services, and we’re ready to assist. We fully comply with all the Covid-19 guidelines, and we adhere to strict health and safety protocols. Our team have all the correct cleaning equipment and PPE to ensure each job is undertaken safely.

Last-Minute Moves for Domestic Customers in London –

With so many changes to the lockdown restrictions happening regularly, you can be forgiven for feeling jaded and confused. If you’re trying to organise a relocation, things might seem overwhelming to the point where you want to put things on hold. The Safe Removals team fully understand this, and we suggest discussing your situation with us.

Our assessors are the very best in the removals industry, and they’ll be able to suggest a level of urgency for your circumstances. They can also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote which details the most suitable removals or storage package for your situation. We have an excellent range of removals and storage options to choose from, making it possible to cover many scenarios.

No matter what choice you make, we’re here to help you plan and prepare for your relocation. There are times when things need to happen straight away, and our emergency relocation customers get the same standard of service. Each job undergoes a thorough assessment process. We ramp up everything to fit a shorter timeframe for last-minute removals.

Working with Businesses for Emergency Relocations –

For most businesses in London and throughout the UK, survival is the main objective. The pandemic has already devastated thousands of companies and sole proprietors. Those businesses that are still open will be looking for ways to remain operational and trim their outgoings. That’s why so many business owners consider moving to a cheaper rental property, in addition to considering remote working for their employees.

The small business community is vital to London’s economy, and we’re committed to playing our part. That’s why it’s vital we’re ready and willing to assist any business who needs us to expedite a relocation. And this applies to companies of all sizes in any business sector. So, if you’re a small business owner who has ten employees – we have an affordable package for you. We can also accommodate much larger companies with hundreds of staff members.

Safe Removals has been performing business removals and will do so throughout the pandemic. Safe Removals is lucky enough to employ time-served experts in our industry who with decades worth of experience. This gives us a wealth of knowledge to tap into, which is a massive advantage when dealing with emergencies or complicated removal problems.

How Self Storage Can Benefit People in Tough Situations –

Self storage is a multifaceted service which can help people as they prepare to relocate. It’s easier to pack things when removing items out of your home completely. This creates more space and also means that your possessions are in a safe and secure environment. And that’s one of the main advantages of storage – the additional security you receive from using a self storage unit.

However, when it comes to emergency situations, self storage can become a safety net. An example would be when someone needs to move in with their extended family at short notice. It’s often impossible to transport everything across and find enough space to store them all. And the usual ways of reducing your possessions aren’t available.

Safe Removals offers last-minute storage services because we understand things don’t always go to plan. We will do everything possible to reduce contact during your move-in, including signing contracts via email. Our facilities are spotlessly clean, and we use products that eliminate viruses and germs from surfaces.

Specialist Services Most Removals Companies Don’t Offer –

If you need to move a safe or strongbox, it’s vital that you only work with specialists. Due to their weight and size, it’s something you have to hire a professional removals company to undertake. Not only could you cause damage to your property, but you might also injure yourself or someone else. It’s easy to lose control of a safe when moving it, even if you have the right equipment.

The Safe Removals team have specific equipment and training to uninstall any type of safe or similar item. This becomes especially important to ensure that the area you’re removing the safe from doesn’t sustain damage in the process. Additionally, it safeguards everyone onsite during the removal. If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing a safe to protect your valuables, it makes sense to get a professional to uninstall and move it. And we can handle any similar object up to two tonnes in weight.

Safe Removals is also London’s office removals experts, and we relocate thousands of businesses every year. We can accommodate office relocations of any size, regardless of whether it’s a small company or a major corporation with hundreds of employees. All the jobs we take on undergo a thorough assessment to ensure we understand every aspect of your office relocation.

Our team are experts in full office removals, which includes complete IT migration. We will pack all your IT and communications equipment carefully and reinstall everything in your new office. The Safe Technical Team will install your IT infrastructure in time to rest your systems before going back online. Safe Removals can manage and oversee the entire office relocation in detail. No matter what service you choose, we will be with you every step of the way.

Online Reviews are Changing the Face of Customer Service –

If you’re dealing with the prospect of a relocation during the lockdown, there’s no reason to panic. As long as you’re working with a reliable removals company like Safe Removals, you’re in safe hands. We have a proven track record for all types of business and domestic removals and storage jobs. What’s more, you can read up on us before making a booking.

Rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide online users with information from previous customers and a mark out of five stars. You can see their rating and comments to weigh up if a company is genuine and reliable. It’s also possible to determine whether you’ll receive a high standard of service from these previous customer write-ups. And our online reviews can provide you with evidence of our high standard of customer service.

Whenever a potential customer asks us why they should choose our company, we state something we ultimately believe in. The Safe Removals team are highly skilled experts in removals and storage. Every removals job we undertake is done by people with consummate knowledge and experience in removals and usually other trades. Accordingly, we supply our team with all the modern equipment and removals tools to ensure they can deliver the best service possible.

Safe Removals – London’s Number One Company for Lockdown Relocations –

At Safe Removals, we’re known as the business and commercial specialists, including our Safe Removal and Installation service. In truth, no other removals company can offer the same range of business relocation and storage options. We can handle any office or commercial relocation request. Additionally, we also have a range of other business and commercial storage packages available.

While it’s still unclear when the current lockdown will end, we can assure you we’ll be here to provide removals and storage throughout it. Moreover, we can guide you through each step of the process, helping you concentrate on other essential tasks. You’ll have a direct communication line with us, and we can assign a lead person to oversee large jobs.

If you have any concerns about removals or storage services during the lockdown, please contact us today. We’ll go over our operational capacity, as well as discussing our range of services.