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Using a Man & Van Service when Renovating Properties in London

Posted on December 12, 2022 by Safe Removals
Using a Man & Van Service when Renovating Properties in London

Whether you’re a pro developer or a normie with a fixer-upper – you’ll need certain things to work in your favour. One is budgeting – it’s crucial to cost thoroughly and accurately, which is where many fall into issues. Ever-increasing budgets can sink a project into the red, making it a pointless endeavour if you can’t make a profit or save money.

That’s why it’s wise to look at your options holistically to see where you can reduce costs. Furthermore, you’ll need to think logically about getting materials onsite and where you’ll store them. This is why Safe Removals has several interior designers and property developers on our books. We provide affordable services that match their needs, keeping them under budget and on time.


  • Why Interior Designers and Property Developers use a Man & Van Service
  • The Importance of Creating and Sticking to a Building Budget
  • Tips on Finding Properties that Match the Term Fixer-Upper
  • Linking Your Man & Van and Self Storage for the Best Results
  • Don’t Skip Over the Need for Surveys Before Purchasing
  • The Specific Property Surveys and Inspections to Request from the Seller
  • Safe Removals – The Ideal Partner for Property Developments in London

Why Interior Designers and Property Developers use a Man & Van Service

You might wonder how we know so much about property developers and the like. The answer is simple – we work with them all the time, several on an ongoing basis. Safe Removals has several interior designers and professional developers as clients. This gives us first-hand knowledge of how their businesses operate and how we can best serve their needs.

One issue that interior designers and property developers face is access restrictions. Unlike a typical building site, properties have less room to manoeuvre for the inside and outside areas. They can’t use large vehicles because they don’t fit, limiting deliveries and collections. That’s why they prefer our Man & Van service – the smaller vehicles made everything a doddle.

The vehicles don’t have any access issues and can often drive or reverse in. This makes unloading and packing up straightforward, fast, and hassle-free. We also provide them with two of our team to help with loading and other labour-intensive tasks. And we charge by the hour, so they only pay for the time they use us.

The Importance of Creating and Sticking to a Building Budget

Whether you’re doing this on a professional basis or to restore a building you’ll live in; you must set a budget. This is where most failed development projects come unstuck. They’re not costed accurately, they go over budget, and things spiral from there. You might finish the job, but there’s no financial silver lining.

Property developers usually have this down to a T, and it’s not an issue. But if you’re doing this as a first-time flipper or for your own purposes, please don’t cut corners. You need to treat this with the same level of professionalism you would if this was your job. Consider your budget as the foundation, much like a building’s. If it’s not firm – the whole thing will eventually collapse.

Cost everything out in detail, even if you’re not sure it’s relevant. Sub-contracting a builder is a smart move because they’ll know where you can make savings on materials. Plus, they’ll organise any labourers and oversee the building phases. Unless you have building experience, don’t try construction without assistance or consultancy.

Tips on Finding Properties that Match the Term Fixer-Upper

Now that you have a better idea about the services you can use – where do you find properties to fix up? We have three options for you to explore and do some further research. Do this alongside your costing exercise – there’s no time like today to begin.

Property auctions – you’ll find various in-person and online property auctions specifically for properties that need work. Most will present specs and other information on each property before the event starts. You can also contact the auctioneers directly if you have any questions. They might also have open houses to attend.

Online platforms – you can also research on Google to find renovation properties. Trovit is specialist and lists fixer-uppers in various locations throughout the UK. Property to Renovate offers a similar service – both websites fully list the building’s details.

Estate agents – our final option is to discuss your requirements with an estate agent. They can do the previous information for you and arrange viewings if any are available. Additionally, they’ll know which questions to ask regarding the surveys and reports – more on that soon.

Linking Your Man & Van and Self Storage for the Best Results

Another service our interior designer and property developer clients use is self storage. It creates the ideal link between their onsite work and somewhere to store. While people often keep their tools and materials in the work van – it’s not secure and can cause an issue with your insurance policy. That’s because it leaves you open to potential problems with theft or damage, and your insurer won’t cover you.

A self-storage unit allows them to keep their equipment and other items. Similarly, some also use this as a workspace if they’re long-term customers. They can put a desk and computer in there for a no-frills office. One side for storage, the other for admin – they have everything they need without the expensive office or warehouse rental costs.

Safe Removals’ customers have no limits on how often they visit their storage unit. They can drop off or collect their stuff anytime within our operating hours. And for tricky jobs that go overtime – we’ll try and accommodate out-of-hours access. To top it off – all our units are designed with ease of access in mind for loading and packing.

Don’t Skip Over the Need for Surveys Before Purchasing

There’s another aspect that a lot of newbie developers fall foul of. It’s crucial that you don’t skip over this step – please pay close attention. Even though you’re purchasing a building that requires renovation, that doesn’t mean these properties are exempt from surveys. The seller needs to have the relevant surveys and inspections completed.

You need to be aware of the exact current state of the property. This includes the foundation, overall structure, electrical and plumbing, and insulation. If there are major issues you don’t know about – it can cause chaos later. It could even mean the property is uninhabitable, even after renovations. You must also understand that you’re solely liable for issues that occur afterwards if you don’t request the relevant inspections.

The Specific Property Surveys and Inspections to Request from the Seller

RICS Condition Report – this report details the property’s condition, including any risks and potential legal issues. It pays specific attention to significant defects. People tend to go with this option for newer houses that are at a decent level of maintenance. The report won’t include any advice on the following actions or valuations.

RICS HomeBuyer Report – this report will check for any structural problems, such as subsidence or damp rot. You should be aware that this doesn’t extend beneath floorboards or behind the walls. This is a more in-depth survey than the condition report and will cost you more. Still, it’s possible to renegotiate the seller’s asking price if the repairs require a significant amount of money to undertake.

RICS Building Survey – if you need a more accurate level of inspection, this building survey uses a simple rating system to ensure that you can quickly identify the most serious issues. You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition, highlighting a range of problems, including advice on defects, repairs, and maintenance options.

Building Structural Survey – this comprehensive survey is suitable for all residential properties. Specifically for older homes or homes that might need repairs. The surveyor will give you information on potential repair options and an overall estimate of any possible defects that might occur in the future.

Safe Removals – The Ideal Partner for Property Developments in London

You’ll hopefully have a better idea about the ins and outs of property development. It’s a tricky business, but it helps to work with the right subcontractors and partner companies. Safe Removals is renowned for being London’s number one business and commercial removals provider. That’s why interior designers and property developers work with us – they trust we’ll do the job.

There’s little margin for error when renovating a building. Any issues can cause a delay, and that’s the last thing anyone needs. Deadlines are non-negotiable for this sector – time is 100% money, and delays cause huge problems. You’re putting your budget at risk with every additional hour and day you add to the timeframe.

At Safe Removals, we set high standard and are BAR compliant. This gives our customers the assurance and accountability that governs how we do business. We have a range of business services and have the capacity to move objects up to two tons in weight. Our team strives to provide the best customer service for every job we sign up for.

Click here, and we’ll begin assessing your upcoming renovation job, or we can point you in the right direction to get started. We’ll happily provide you with a free quote and a suggestion for the most suitable service.