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Using Removals and Storage to Cut Business Costs in London

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Safe Removals
Using Removals and Storage to Cut Business Costs in London

The lockdown has brought many changes to how we live and work, and it has also highlighted some long-standing issues many businesses face. Many companies in London are rethinking their operations to try and reduce their expenses. With spiralling costs, some are looking beyond the capital because they can no longer manage the various price increases. Is there a way to stay in London and make savings?

By partnering with Safe Removals, you can find alternative solutions for everyday things like distribution and stock control. Our range of removal and storage packages have multiple applications, aside from their primary purpose. It’s possible to trim your budget and remain competitive without leaving London. And we’ll use this article to explain how and why this is essential for all SMEs. 

Challenging Times for Businesses in London –

The pandemic has been a steep learning curve, with everyone struggling with the lockdown. The harsh reality is that thousands of companies went out of business, and many others fight for survival. Renting is one of the most difficult expenses to cover because there simply isn’t enough money coming in to outweigh what goes out.

Another problem is business rates, which are crippling the ability of companies to stay afloat in London. It’s no wonder business owners are looking at alternatives and whether it’s worth relocating. There are clear advantages to doing business in London, but not at the expense of your company’s future. Like many other proprietors, you’re probably hoping there’s a way to stay in the capital and keep trading.

At Safe Removals, we believe there’s a solution that covers your business’s essential functions and trims your expenditure. Our removal packages are flexible and can accommodate other uses. Additionally, it’s possible to think outside of the box and use a self storage unit as an alternative workplace. We’ll go into more detail about this in this blog with some examples.

Tips for Reducing Rental Expenses with Self Storage –

There’s a trend that start-ups and entrepreneurs have been using for several years, and we believe it can form part of an overall money-saving strategy. Rather than looking for a new place to work from, why not use a self storage unit as an alternative office, studio, and storeroom? If you’re primarily doing office work, a desk, a chair, and a computer are your essential items. For an e-commerce company, you need space for goods and equipment. This is all possible by using a Safe Removals storage unit.

Some small businesses have more than one function, which might entail admin work and storing goods or equipment. The easiest thing to do is mark off sections of your storage unit with tape. Then, one side can be your office, and the other can be for your stock. Another option is to rent more than one unit and have a separate office and storeroom. Either way, it’s much cheaper than commercial rental costs.

This might sound the world away from the original vision for your company. The thing to remember here is affordability. No one’s saying you should do this forever – think of it as a temporary measure. One benefit of using storage like this is you’re not subject to a lease. Once things improve, you can look for another rental property. For now, it’s all about saving money and keeping your company going.

Affordable Local and National Distribution via Man & Van –

Let’s delve into some of the more practical ideas on creating and running a small-to-medium enterprise. Maintaining a budget is essential when you first start, as many failed businesses learn the hard way. Finding ways of reducing or cutting out expenses will help you survive the first year. This is a crucial period for any new venture due to many not making it past a year in operation.

Buying or leasing a vehicle is an expense you don’t need, especially when there are other options. Safe Removals can handle all your business’s collections and deliveries. You will save money and enjoy a few other benefits which most people overlook but can increase efficiency. Furthermore, you can link this package with your self storage unit to create a seamless service.

The Safe Removals team have the right expertise and tools to take over your local and national distribution. This will save you from doing it yourself or delegating the task to an employee, freeing you both to perform your necessary duties instead. You’ll have to make decisions on how to allocate time wisely, and this one falls under the ‘time is money’ truism.

Scale Everything with a Larger Removals Vehicle –

Sometimes a man and van package isn’t the most suitable option due to the vehicle size. During the assessment process, we’ll determine each aspect of your situation, including the overall load of your items for transportation. It’s much like working with a small business or a larger company. You’ll need to scale everything up to match the office furniture, electronics and other equipment.

Our Home and Business Removals packages utilise bigger vans, usually because the overall load is significant enough. This makes it possible to move any object, and we provide our removal’s team with specialist moving equipment and tools. The larger vehicles make it possible to do everything in one trip.

You won’t have to choose the removals package either, so don’t worry about picking the wrong one. We’ll assess everything thoroughly and discuss our suggestion with you in detail before anyone commits pen to paper. You’ll also receive a free quotation with no obligation to book. Every Safe Removals service comes with the same high standards. And you’ll always receive the most efficient, cost-effective package.

A Range of Specialist Business Removals Services –

The Safe Removals team can move any safe and heavy object, such as safety doors and fire-proof cabinets up to two-tonnes in weight. Without the correct tools, you won’t be able to complete the job, which applies to removals companies. If, for whatever reason, you’re unsure if a company has the right equipment or experience, go with your gut feeling. Safe Removals is London’s specialists in safe removals, and we guarantee to remove, transport, and install your safe at your new location.

We’re also London’s office removals experts, and we relocate thousands of businesses every year. We can accommodate office relocations of any size, regardless of whether it’s a small company or a multinational corporation with hundreds of employees. All the jobs we take on undergo a thorough assessment to ensure we understand every aspect of your office relocation.

Safe Removals employs experts in full office removals, which includes complete IT migration. We will pack all your IT and communications equipment carefully and reinstall everything in your new office. The Safe Technical Team will install your IT infrastructure in time to rest your systems before going back online. We can manage and oversee the entire office relocation in detail. No matter what service you choose, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Gain Confidence by Using Online Reviews Platforms –

It might seem like a costly exercise to relocate to a new commercial rental property, especially during a lockdown. However, if you’re at the end of or nearing the completion of your lease, it’s worth looking for cheaper options. You’ll need to weigh up the costs of spiralling monthly rent expenses against relocating your business to a more affordable building. That’s why it’s crucial you use a reputable moving company, one that provides value for money and excellent customer service.

Rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide online users with information from previous customers and a mark out of five stars. You can see their rating and comments to weigh up if a company is genuine and reliable. It’s also possible to determine whether you’ll receive a high standard of service from these previous customer write-ups. And our online reviews can provide you with evidence of our high standard of customer service.

Whenever a potential customer asks us why they should choose our company, we state something we believe in. The Safe Removals team are all highly skilled experts in removals and storage. Every removals job we undertake has the very best people at your disposal. Everyone has consummate knowledge and experience in removals and usually other trades. Accordingly, we supply our team with all the modern equipment and removals tools to ensure they can deliver the best service possible.

Safe Removals – Partner with London’s Business Experts –

Being cost-effective and efficient is one of the best ways your business can navigate what’s going to be a challenging 2021. That’s why finding mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that can reduce your overall costs is crucial. Luckily, there’s a removal and storage provider in London that ticks all the boxes and specialises in working with businesses.

Safe Removals has a track record of providing the best business removals and storage in London. No other removals company can offer the same range of business services. Moreover, we prioritise customer service as our primary focus on every job we undertake. Everyone at Safe Removals knows from experience how tricky it can be to run a successful business in the capital. That’s why our range of services cater to as many industries as possible.

If you’d like to discuss our range of business packages and services, please contact us today. We are confident that we can save your business money.