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Using Storage for Your Sports Team in London with Safe Removals

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Safe Removals
Using Storage for Your Sports Team in London with Safe Removals

Taking part in a team activity like sports is an excellent way to stay fit, lose a few unwanted pounds or to have fun and socialise. Whether it’s a five-a-side squad with work colleagues or regular trips to the coast for watersports, there is something to suit everyone. It all adds up to a healthier lifestyle and social life with family and friends, and it’s also an excellent way to meet people if you’re new to London. No matter what pace or type of sport you’re looking for, you’ll find it in London.

Most team or solo sports require some sort of equipment and a uniform for you to take part. And for anyone who is in charge of the gear, it can become a burden to look after and wash the team’s kit. That’s why lots of sports teams in London rent a storage unit with Safe Removals for the sole reason of their sporting pursuits. We have the best rates in London, and we find that a lot of teams’ chip in to cover the costs.

How Self Storage Can Help Secure Your Team’s Equipment –

Self storage provides the ultimate level of security for your possessions from theft or any conditions that might harm the materials. Namely, you won’t have to worry about damage caused by kit that’s left in your damp utility room or garage. Safe Removals’ storage units have temperature control to avoid any issues caused by too much heat or damp.

Furthermore, our storage units are built to withstand most weather conditions and are fireproof. Our facilities have state-of-the-art security measures, which includes twenty-four-hour CCTV monitoring throughout our branch. Every member of our staff undergoes security awareness and vigilance training, and we make a point of getting to know our customers.

Ultimately, storage also frees up space at home or at work to reduce the clutter that your sports equipment or kit can create. It’s also a better idea to have a separate space where you can store your gear to avoid any disagreements between family members.

Taking Up Sports and Getting Fit in London –

As a society, we’re becoming a lot more health conscious every year, and there are lots of ways to get fit. Moreover, being healthy shouldn’t feel like a burden or a thankless chore. If it does seem like this, don’t panic, you just need to find your niche. It’s also possible to make it more social and enjoy quality time with friends and family, rather than a competitive effort.

There are loads of fitness and lifestyle apps you can download to monitor how many steps you do per day. Most are cheap or free, and it’s a useful and easy way to monitor your progress and set goals. It’s also possible to track your running routes and exercise trends to maintain a routine.

By choosing to get fit, you may also be reducing the number of visits you make to your GP over time. Even an hour’s walk per day burns a lot of calories and improves your core muscles. This is especially true if you manage to incorporate steeper gradients into your routine.

Safe Removals – London’s Favourite Self Storage Provider –

Safe Removals provides self storage for hundreds of domestic and business customers every month in London. We currently work with several local sports teams and even some schools, colleges and university sports teams or departments. It’s an affordable way to secure your sports equipment without having to part with London-level rental prices.

There is no safer or more secure way to safeguard your team’s equipment and kit than renting a storage unit. Your Safe Removals storage unit is easy to access during business hours. And you can make further savings by splitting the costs between your teammates. There is no lease or minimum rental period to worry about, you can end your rental when you want to.

We’re also flexible and will do our best to accommodate any changes in your circumstances. It’s also simple to upgrade or downsize your storage unit if your requirements change. The Safe Removals team provides a service that we’d like to receive. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when we create our removals and storage packages and deals.

If you’re looking for somewhere secure to store your sports gear or kit, you should contact us today. We have the right storage service for you and your team.