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Why Safe Removals is Ideal for Business Storage in London

Posted on May 16, 2023 by Safe Removals
Why Safe Removals is Ideal for Business Storage in London

London is the place to be no matter what type of business you run or work for. All roads lead to the capital, an environment where any commercial enterprise can thrive. One thing that most businesses need is storage. There are onsite provisions for some, but this is only sometimes possible. That’s where using Safe Removals for your business storage needs comes in handy.

We’re a company that works hard for our customers. We’re known as the removals and storage provider that goes the extra mile for our clients. From experience, we know that running a company can be challenging, but it helps to partner with a reliable company like Safe Removals for your commercial storage needs.


  1. The Benefits of Business Storage in London
  2. Container and Self Storage in London
  3. Storage Provider with Removal Services for Transportation
  4. Specialists for Site Clearance and Heavy Object Handling
  5. Affordable Distribution via Linked Removal and Storage
  6. Reliable London Moving Company in Saturated Market
  7. Safe Removals – We’re London’s Favourite Business Storage Provider


The Benefits of Business Storage in London

What are the benefits of business Storage in London?

Storage is the best way to ensure your company’s products, equipment, and materials are safe and secure. While many buildings have storage spaces, there is no guarantee that these provisions were made to give 100% protection from damage and theft. Our storage units can resist all weather and damage issues. And our facilities have state of the art security measures.

And while most commercial rental spaces come with a 12 – 24-month lease, you won’t have that issue with Safe Removals. You can store with us for a long or just a short time. We have a range of business and commercial storage services that make us London’s number one for business storage. This includes several specialist services, like our safe removal and installation service.

The Safe Removals team take on every job with a drive to deliver excellent customer service. Second-best is outside our vocabulary. We always turn up early to complete everything on time. We are specialists in business storage and removal, and we need a job to do.

Container and Self Storage in London –

What are the differences between container and self storage?

Safe Removals has the right service regardless of your company’s storage needs. We split our storage services into two categories. Container storage and self storage and there are a few key aspects of both services to consider.

Container storage is cheaper because people use it for long-term storage with less need for regular access. Self storage is more expensive, but you get free access during business hours with no limitations on the number of visits.

Container and self storage provide your business complete security from damage or theft. This would be ideal for companies that must safeguard valuable products that can easily sustain damage.

Storage is perfect for companies that have limited or no storage space. For some smaller construction companies, having larger premises with ample storage space needs to make more financial sense. Rather than pay the high costs of London’s commercial rent, storage offers a cheaper alternative.

Storage Provider with Removal Services for Transportation

What are the benefits of reliable transportation for storage items?

Most business owners setting up new ventures consider transportation an in-house process. The thinking behind this is that it’s more efficient and cheaper to do this, and you have more control over logistics. While some of this is true over the long-term timeline where your upfront costs balance out, it strains a company’s current liquidity.

We provide transport services for several enterprises in London via our Business Removals package. We have one question to determine whether our services fit well, which centres on volume. If your business has constant transport requirements that are intrinsic to your operations. In that case, it might be beneficial to retain that function. However, your options are worth considering if you only deal with a few daily collections and deliveries or less.

Safe Removals has a broad range of services, and we can adapt aspects of these existing packages to accommodate specific needs. We’re more affordable and reliable than courier companies. And you won’t have to hire or allocate staff to undertake your distribution. You can hand everything over to our team with the assurance of our high standards.

Specialists for Site Clearance and Heavy Object Handling

What are the benefits of working with heavy object-handling specialists?

Now let’s discuss the specialist services available from Safe Removals. In addition to catering to office relocations, we provide complete IT migration, site clearance, crate hire and safe removal. As our name suggests, we’re experts in safe installations, including fire doors and other heavy-duty objects.

We have the equipment, site management, and knowledge to handle items up to two tons in weight. And in circumstances where the load exceeds this limit, we have a network of partners to liaise with. And it’s worth understanding why it’s critical that you choose the correct movers for this.

Most removal providers need the proper pulleys and moving tools to handle these weights. And if something goes wrong, it has catastrophic outcomes. Our team always perform site visits to evaluate installing or uninstalling safes. They’ll photograph the interior walls and entrances, noting access limitations and mapping out the best way to extract the safe.

Site clearance does what it says. However, we can work with any business. Whether preparing a supermarket for a grand opening or clearing a building site, you can rely on us. We’ll meet any hygiene or food preparation cleanliness criteria wherever applicable. And most importantly – we’ll meet your deadlines and complete on the agreed timings.

Affordable Distribution via Linked Removal and Storage

How can linked removal and storage help with local distribution?

If your business has core transportation needs, the first instinct is to purchase or lease a van. And while this makes sense if you’re constantly moving materials or stock, that diminishes by volume. If you don’t have a high-volume distribution requirement, you can reduce your outgoings by working with a removal provider.

Here’s how it works. Instead of buying or renting a vehicle, you book Safe Removals instead. What’s the advantage of doing this? You can delegate the task of collections and deliveries to us. We’ll do all the heavy lifting work and update you after each drop-off or pick-up. Our team can take on your entire local distribution needs.

Need somewhere to keep everything? Then business self storage is the best way to streamline the whole process. We link your distribution and storage unit, effectively creating a warehouse and delivery setup. You can even use our Wi-Fi access to complete some paperwork while you check in with us.

Reliable London Moving Company in Saturated Market

What qualities should you look for in a reliable moving company?

There are countless advantages to living and working in London. You have a massive pool of service providers on your doorstep. No matter what you need, you’ll find it in the capital. That said, this can also present a problem. With so many traders to choose from, it can become a minefield. And that’s when people make rash decisions without due diligence.

At Safe Removals, we prefer our customers ensure we’re the right fit for their company. We suggest getting at least three quotes from prospective removers before signing up. But don’t base this solely on cost – remember to check their ratings on Google and Trustpilot. You should aim for providers with mostly five-star reviews and read customer feedback.

Moreover, you’ll need to detail your business’s requirements. If we revisit the example in this blog of moving a safe, you must work with experts. Few moving companies in London have the capacity to handle heavy objects. That’s why Safe Removals is London’s number one for business. We provide services very few other movers can.

Safe Removals – We’re London’s Favourite Business Storage Provider

Why choose Safe Removals for business storage in London?

Safe Removals works with hundreds of businesses every year in London. We’re known as specialists for commercial removals and storage services in various industry circles. Many consider us one of their sub-contractors because of our working relationship.

One of the things we believe in is delivering the best service possible for a price everyone can afford. Paying a reasonable rate should not mean an average level of service. It’s possible to have both; we’re living proof of that. It’s the Safe Removals ethos that doing an excellent job will secure loyal customers, which we guarantee is valid.

We’re a member of an elite network of removal and storage providers called the Master Removers Group. This collective of the best removals and storage companies in the UK sets the standard in our industry. Being part of this network of companies gives us access to the whole UK. Additionally, we have partner companies with depots throughout the UK.

Our number one priority is customer service. We work hard to meet our business customers’ removals and storage needs. Contact us today to speak about our range of services.