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Your guide to moving in and around London!

Posted on June 5, 2015 by Safe Removals

Moving your belongings out of properties and offices in and around London and into a new location can take a lot of organization, physical strength and time. It is a worthwhile investment to have a professional moving company if you have a lot of fragile items, boxes valuables and heavy furniture like wardrobes or sofas to move. It’s very important to find the right one, especially if your located in London, suitable for your needs.

It is advisable, you compare a few quotes from London removal companies. Use our compare tool to get up to 3 free quotes from specialists in the London. The quotes you receive will vary in prices and the terms and conditions may cover different things. Therefore, everything should be read and understood carefully before you confirm anything.

Although, you do not want to be presented with a hefty invoice on your moving day, it is not always advisable to choose the lowest quote either, especially for office relocations. Double check what is included in the price, also try to read companies testimonials from previous customers.

Give yourself plenty of time to choose the best removal specialist in London for your move. Start your search early, as the best moving companies in London may be booked for weeks ahead and quotation process may take some time as well.

If you have any parking restrictions at both addresses contact your local council to have them suspended on your moving date or organize parking permits. Last thing your removal company needs 200 yards walk to load the van. This will be time consuming for both parties and can lead to extra costs. We know how parking can be tricky in London!

Packing is also a crucial aspect to consider when moving out of a property or office. Offices packing tend to need more care due to the nature of the items. Believe it or not, but some companies can pack your items better than yourself, however we have some tips to help your move.

Start Early! It is very hard to anticipate how long your packing will actually take, so it is crucial to pack things you don’t need on daily basis ahead of your move. You may find things you don’t need or want anymore, use your move as an excuse to clear unnecessary stuff out. Send it to a charity shop, pass it onto a friend or relative who would like it or try selling it on eBay.

Most of boxes are from supermarkets, unless supplied by a good removal company. The budget supermarkets keep most of their products in the original boxes and don’t mind if you take them. The fruit pallets are particularly useful for books, CDs, DVDs and plates. They stack well on top of each other so you can push them up against a wall and out of your way until the fateful moving day.

Pick up newspapers from trains, buses and work, also ask friends to chuck their old newspapers in your direction instead of the recycling bin. Newspapers are excellent for wrapping plates, glasses etc and scrunched at the bottom of a box they cushion delicate items well. They’ll come in incredibly handy.
As you pack a box make a list of everything that is in it and tape the list to outside of the box. Give the box (and list) a number (write the number large and bold on all sides of the box) then keep a duplicate list in a plastic wallet so you can see what is in every box without having to open it.