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Quote Title:2 + 13 + 13 + 2
Vehicle Type:1 Luton Van

1 Large Luton Van

2 Luton Vans / 7,5 Tonner

Crew Size:
Mileage:Up to 25Up to 25Up to 15
Up to 4 hours:£250£350£450
Up to 6 hours:£325£475£650
Up to 8 hours:£425£600£850
Up to 10 hours:£550£750£999
10+ hours:£65/h onwards£85/h onwards£100/h onwards

How Does It Work?

We genuinely offer a first class removal service.

The removal men will load all of your items into the vehicle on a room to room basis, carefully covering delicate items with transit blankets and quilted covers to protect your: sofa, arm chair, mattress. We even have a special cover for your flat TV screen.

We can have hanging wardrobe boxes for clothes with us; just let us know how many you’d need, we’d need to take them with us after the job. Usually we collect those when the move ends. Disassembling and assembling is included in the prices. Our goods and transit insurance can cover you for up to £15,000.00 in our standard terms, but it can be increased if needed. We charge £10 per every £10,000.00 declared. Please put the total worth of your items when booking the job.

Please note there are no hidden charges. The time starts when our team arrives and ends when they finish unpacking at the other end.

We believe that our prices are very competitive, however if you have received a better rate from any other professional removal company, please give us a call and we will see what we can do for you.

Our staff is uniformed and very experienced in dealing with all types of furniture from antiques to newly designed furniture.

Payment Options

All prices excludes VAT at current rate of {325c6aff362cf63b9aca8c76dfa6d339bc3bbe03a925037da9d58f977503ea1c}20

To book the job, please fill the booking form attached. Card details must be provided for us to secure the deposit. By doing so you are making sure that the agreement between you and us is valid and legal. We accept all credit/debit cards except American Express. By booking the services you are agreeing on our terms and conditions available on our website. Any parking, penalty or Congestion zone charges are not included in the quote.

Other Services

Packing and packing materials
Depending on the size of your property packing can be done in two ways.
On the moving day if it is 1-2 bedroom property or prior the moving day if it is 3+ bedrooms property. Materials can be dropped of few days before the actual move if you’d like to pack some items yourself.You are looking at single delivery charge of £25.
We offer three sets of packing materials:
Small: £45- 15 Medium boxes (18 x 13 x 13”), One roll of bubble wrap (500mm x 100m), 2 High durable tapes.
Medium: £90- 20 Medium boxes (18 x 13 x 13”), 10 large boxes (18x18x20”) One roll of bubble wrap (500mm x 100m), 4 High durable tapes.
Large: £150- 30 Medium boxes (18 x 13 x 13”), 20 large boxes (18x18x20”) Two rolls of bubble wrap (500mm x 100m) and 7 High durable tapes.
All those options can be combined if necessary or you can request a separate quote for bigger orders. After the move we offer free of charge pickup of used and unwanted packing materials.
Plastic Crates: We can hire a standard plastic crate for £3 per one crate per week.
Hanging Boxes: £30 each to keep

Tips for your move

You can trust one of the UK’s leading removal specialists to take you through the moving process.