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Safe Moving London and Nationwide

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Safe Moving London and Nationwide.

Specialist safe moving in London | gun safe moving | strong box moving | fire-proof cabinet moving

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Due to their extreme weight and bulk, safes and strong boxes require specialised skills and lifting equipment. To protect against damage and danger to life and property, it is vital that you employ the right people for the job. At Safe Removals, we specialise in the relocation of safes for both business and private clients, including data centres and all locations where security is a priority. Our dedicated safe moving teams are trained to the highest standards  and we are able to relocate safes of all types and sizes, up to 2000kg in weight.

  • Data safes and cabinets
  • Cash safes
  • Fire-proof cabinets
  • Strong boxes
  • Document cabinets
  • Deposit safes
  • Gun safes and cabinets
  • Security doors
  • And all other security items…

Relocation and moving of all safesIf you need your safe installed or removed from your site and ethically disposed of, you have come to the right place. Safe Removals can offer a pre delivery site survey that includes an assessment of the delivery route and the feasibility of installing the safe into your preferred location or taking it away for ethical disposal. All of our safe removals are carried out by our in-house team of DBS checked, fully qualified fleet of engineers, who are based all around the UK.

In most ground floor instances, we can give a quotation over the phone. Stairs and other negotiations??? might need to be surveyed to give an accurate cost for the works. If you are moving office or house and want to take your safe with you, contact us for the best rates and superb service.

Safe Installation in London and nationwide?

Safes and cabinets with fixing holes in the base and/or rear are designed specifically for floor and / or wall mounting. We recommend safe installations are carried out by a qualified installer. Our teams are fully trained and DBS checked.

How are your installation or removal charges based?

Most safes over 60kg are delivered by our own teams of qualified safe engineers in their fully equipped vehicles so they can bolt down your safe at a suitable ground floor location with ease without a site survey. If the safe weighs over 60kgs you will be asked to complete a delivery questionnaire to determine if there are additional costs, such as taking the safe up or down stairs. Additional costs may apply when the safe needs to be taken to an upper or lower floor via stairs, if there are more than 2 steps along the access route or the safe is too big to fit through doorways or along corridors. It is usually best to let Safe Removals come to site and survey the site to make sure we get everything right first time round.

Can I book a specific time for my safe installation?

We can accommodate timed delivery request, on application. Please contact our team to discuss.

Do I need to remove my skirting boards?

Skirting boards should be removed (prior to installation) to allow the safe to be installed flush against the wall. If a skirting board is not removed, even with the safe bolted into the floor, the gap between the wall and the safe will provide useful leverage if there is an unauthorised attempt to remove the safe. Our installation service does not include removal of skirting boards – this must be done prior to our crew’s attendance.

What is a suitable Lift?

A suitable lift will be capable of carrying the item plus any equipment used to carry the safe and don’t forget the crew required to transport it. Please check the lift capacity against the weight of your safe and let us have a copy of the data plate. The capacity should be able to carry the weight of the safe, mechanical handling equipment and our delivery crews.

Please also check the height, width and depth of the lift. There must be sufficient room for the safe to be easily placed inside and then brought out on the delivery floor so there must be plenty of space in addition to the safes own external dimensions.

It is important that you check the lift is suitable before we attend to avoid aborted delivery charges.

What are suitable stairs?

For safes under 1200mm in height, suitable stairs are straight or right angled and more than 500mm wide. We can still deliver safes on non-standard stairs but would need to visit the site to assess. Safe Removals can operate electronic stair barrows in certain situations to enable us to carry the heaviest of safe up the tightest of locations.

It is important that you check your stairs are suitable before placing your order since an aborted delivery due to not having the correct information will result in additional charges.

Which safes can be bolted to the floor?

Move data safes quickly and efficiently

Most but not all safes can be bolted to the floor; it depends on its main purpose.

All free-standing Security Safes come with fixing holes allowing them to be bolted at the base. Most safes are supplied complete with Anchor Bolts which are designed to be used with a solid surface such as concrete or brick. Solid wood such as floor joists are also suitable but you would need to purchase alternative heavy duty wood screws. We would advise against bolting just to floor boards as they are not strong/thick enough. If you do not have a solid floor surface you could consider a Chemical Installation or Wall Installation.

Can my safe be bolted to a wall?

If the security safe includes fixing holes at the rear then it is suitable for bolting into a solid brick wall but it will still require support at the base. It is not advisable to We would not recommend installing a safe to a stud wall as this could cause damaged to your property and will not be as secure.

If you do choose to install your safe to a wall you must make sure that a section of the skirting board is removed this is so the safe can be fitted flush to the wall. If you leave a space between the safe and the wall makes it very easy to pry the safe from the wall and will compromise the overall security.

Fire safes do not have rear fixing holes.

Can my safe still be bolted down to the floor if I have Underfloor Heating?

We would never recommend bolting your safe down in these circumstances.

Chemical Safe Installation London and nationwide

We could consider a Chemical Installation which involves securing the safe to the floor using an industrial strength adhesive to avoid potential damage to underfloor pipes. There are many reasons to opt for this type of installation over bolting the safe down but generally it will be due to unsuitable floor or walls available for the installation. Please note that this is more or less a permanent installation of the safe so if you were to want to relocate or remove safe it would only be possible with serious damage to the floor.

What length bolts do you use for fixing to a floor?

Usually we use 180mm bolts but we can also use 120mm bolts. We would not recommend using shorter bolts for fixing a floor standing security safe to a floor.

Will you carry out structural survey prior to safe installation?

Safe relocationStructural surveys check the building/floor level is structurally sound and also for the presence of any electrics or plumbing. These should be carried out prior to installing a particularly heavy safe at an upper floor location or bolting a safe into a wall or floor where it is not known whether pipes or electrics are present. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for a structural survey prior to ordering a safe. For the avoidance of doubt, Safe Removals accepts NO responsibility whatsoever for any damage to flooring or underground cables or pipework when installing safes to the floor. It is your responsibility to carry out all checks to ensure that the installation will meet with all health and safety requirements


Who will carry out the installation?

Safe Removals will carry out all installations ourselves; we do not contract out safe installations. We have our own installation teams throughout the UK. Our staff are experienced, qualified in the field and are all DSB cleared.

We will also use our own fleet of high specification rigid vehicles with full height tail lifts

Ethical Disposal?

Safe Removals will be able to assess the correct method to ethically dispose of your safe. Please let us know the model number, whether the lock works, if the unit has a key together with a picture of the unit. Safe Removals holds a waste carriers license and operate to the highest environmental standards