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Packing Service London

Packing might seem like one of the simpler tasks when moving but when you consider that you’ll need to find professional boxes, bubble wrap, tape, stickers – and much, much more – in a variety of sizes, you’ll soon realise why most leave the packing to the professionals.

You can leave the packing as well as the removals to us. Packing is an integral part of the moving process and without items being packed correctly they are liable to become damaged, no matter how professional the company moving your items is, which is why we recommend using our expert packing service. With Safe Removals packing your possessions for you, your move will be as smooth as possible – the less work for you, the better!

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While some people often overlook packing it’s actually one of the most important stages in the removal process. If your possessions aren’t packed correctly you could run into problems. We’ll use proven packing techniques to ensure that all of your items are safe, even fragile items and other items requiring extra protection, such as polished furniture. When we pack your possessions they’re protected from the risk of being broken or scratched because we use the best packing and wrapping materials available.

Alternatively, if you feel you’re capable of packing your own goods to the necessary standard, we’re happy to supply you with industry standard bubble wrap, boxes and tape. Although packing your own goods isn’t recommended because there is a lot that can go wrong, such as damage to goods if not packed correctly, but as a customer you’re always welcome to call us for wrapping and packing advice. Our experts will provide you with the best tips needed to pack before a move.

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